DECOR #67: Summer Vibes


Island with palm trees, grass & bridge:  MINIMAL – Paradise Beach Scene (by minimalgroup) [NEW] @ UBER
Building and the back: Trompe Loeil – Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse (by cory.edo)
Tree: LB_FanPalm{Animated}*HighRes (by Cari McKeenan) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Beach rocks: [FOURTH WALL] Beach Rocks (by willcorrigan) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Parasol: Ariskea[Peach] Umbrella (by diaxm) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Windchime: Ariskea[Peach] Sea Glass WindChimes [Green] (by diaxm) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Clothesline: +Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter – ALL – Clothesline (by halogen.magic) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Chair: dust bunny . beach day . lounge chair . pg (by lxlnoel) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Seagull: 24 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Seagull 3 (by 8f8)
Bike: —ANHELO-M59BK-196GA :: in the glare (by fk0724) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Vase 1: dust bunny . water garden . cat bowl (by lxlnoel) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Vase 2: dust bunny . water garden . lightbulb (by lxlnoel) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Lemonade bucket: Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Radio: Apple Fall Retro Radio (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Towel on the floor: +Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter – ALL – Floor (by halogen.magic) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Book: dust bunny . beach day . breezy book (by lxlnoel) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Beach bag 1: [Merak] – Beach Essentials (by annellystone) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Beach bag 2: dust bunny . beach day . towel tote (by lxlnoel) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Crab: MishMish – Cutie Crab Deco – Orange – Stance a (by Aime Takaaki) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19
Dog: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise – 3. Bit the Beachball (by halogen.magic) [NEW] @ Summerfest’19

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