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Across the 2nd Universe | by Nuria Niven
Artifex Silence | by ArtifexSilence
Caroline Apollo | by Caroline Apollo
Clau’s Closet | by Clau Dagger
Coco’s Blog | by Larcoco Mathy
Day by day in SL | by Saelwen Resident
Diaz Style | by Bella Diaz
Dressup Doll | by Tomomi Homewood
Flirting With Fashion | by Lauren Minuet
Geena Carminucci | by Geena Carminucci
Inventory, Second Life Travel Journal | by nene felisimo
Justine Lemton | by Justine Lemton
Kirca is Wearing | by Kirca resident
Lemondrop | by Jule Lemondrop
Mademoiselle | by Eve Kazan
Moka’s Way | by Mokatana Boa
Multimuse | by multimuse resident
Pleisure | by Portia Capelo
Shocking Wonder Virtual World Life Style | by Shocking Wonder
SL Style Hunter | by Lauryn Arado
Sophee Mojo | by Sophee Mojo
The Closet Diary | by Valletta GossipGirl
The fashionable heart | by Heidi Volare
The Puppeteers SL | by Sisch Firecaster

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