LOTD #552/553: Sweet Dreams



Credits Adult:

  • Body:

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Gretel_II_01 (by milok.hermit) [NEW]
Hair: tram  C606 hair / beige (by moca.loup)

  • Clothing:

Outfit: ::{u.f.o}::the lazy song –  pink banana – XXS (by charming.meiler) [NEW] @The Arcade

  • Accessories:

Doll: Oh La La ::Bunny Girl:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Glasses: Amala – Alyssa Glasses – Clear – Pink (by crystalny)

  • Pose:

Kirin Poses – Cute Summer Pose Pack (by Carolina Sautereau)

Credits Kid:

  • Body:

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.MiMi_01 (by milok.hermit)
Hair: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*140*Mocha (by (bluestarrui.villota)

  • Clothing:

Outfit: {s.o} spring frills // pink (by shai.ohmai)

  • Accessories:

Camera: Tentacio – polaroid yellow (by May Tolsen)
Crown: -LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown Gold (by azure.electricteeth)
Sleepy mask: Tee*fy Sleepy Bunny Sleeping Mask (by azure.electricteeth)

  • Pose:

Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau)

  • Decor:


Cloudland: 8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland (by 8f8)
Suitcases: ROOST – Let’s Play Pink Suitcases (by RoostHomes)
Chair: MishMish & Mien – Memories Chair / open – Pink (by aime.takaaki)
Lamp: AF Dolly Lamp (by warehousefifteendesigns) The Arcade
Colored pencils: -tres blah- Workspace – Colored Pencils (by Julliette Westerburg) The Arcade
Vase: -tres blah- Workspace – Silver Mason Jar of Roses (by Julliette Westerburg) The Arcade
Books: -tb- Bon Voyage – Books (by Julliette Westerburg)
Sleepy cat pot: (NO) Sleepy Cat Pot – Painted Red (by Polyester Partridge) The Arcade
Cat head pot: (NO) Cat Head Pot – Polkadots (by Polyester Partridge) The Arcade
Bath basket: ::{u.f.o}::the lazy song – bath basket – pink (by charming.meiler) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Birds with blanket: 8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky RARE (by 8f8)
Sitting doll: Oh La La ::Doll D:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Tray with flowers: [ keke ] summer tray w flowers – pink (by kean.kelly)
Bird: 8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Diva (by 8f8)
Sleepers: ISPACHI [Florian] Flipflops – Pink (by Andred Qinan) The Arcade
Pig: Birdy – Wilbur – Spot RARE (by tyr.rozenblum) [NEW] @ The Chapter Four
Art bag: Oh La La ::Art Bag:: (a) RARE (by sleepy.hermit)
Books and clock: AF Carriage Clock (by warehousefifteendesigns) The Arcade
Bed: ISPACHI [Florian] Bed RARE 1 (by Andred Qinan) The Arcade
Pig: Birdy – Wilbur – Pale Pink (by tyr.rozenblum) [NEW] @ The Chapter Four
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Fly Away Bear 1 (by Zen Zarco) The Arcade

Decor #9: Early Autumn

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Top picture – Left:

Tree Tunel: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main (by Alex Bader)
Lights: {what next} Amalfi String Lights – white (by FrankLee Anatra)
Suitcases: HIDEKI – Suitcases & Radio Decor (by Hideki Carami)
Fox: *ionic* Zorrito Sentado & *ionic* Zorrito Durmiendo (by lakua Arriaga)
Bike: / XIAJ x ZZANG / Postman Bike + rust + RARE 1 (by superjaix)
Papers: *ionic* intento inflexible – papers on floor (by lakua Arriaga)
Book: AF Open Book (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Apple cart: Trompe Loeil – Apple Cart Full Set (by cory.edo)

Top picture – Right:

Bed: *ionic* Daydream Bed RARE (by lakua Arriaga)
Lamp: *ionic* Daydream Lamp (by lakua Arriaga)
Doll on bed: Oh La La ::Doll D:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Doll on the floor: Oh La La ::Doll C:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Doll on the bed stairs: Oh La La ::Bunny Girl:: (by sleepy.hermit)

Bottom picture:

Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – orange a
Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2B
Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – yellow b
Garden gate: *. emm ; garden entrance autumn (by snowy.melody)
Car and suitcases: {vespertine-travellers car/sky } (by amelie.knelstrom)
Telephone pole: Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop (by suetabulous Yootz)



Top picture:

House: oyasumi / japanese house / RARE (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Well: oyasumi / japanese well / RARE (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Rail: 8f8 – Old Rail (by 8f8)
Boat: *ionic* Eureka! Boat (by lakua Arriaga)

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LOTD #528: Fortune cookie

B1 B2

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  • Body:

Skin: POTCHA. [F] SKIN :: ChiChi Skin gift (by cecilina) TCF Birthday Gift

Lipstick: ~Mynerva~Milena Pure~Lip A Copy/Tint (by Rhapzody Wilde)

Hair: tram  C429 hair(A) / cork (size40) (by moca.loup)

Nail Polish: Nailed It – FashionArt Set (by giela.delpaso) [NEW] Soon @ “FASHIONART” Fashion Fair

  • Clothing:

Sweater: .Atomic. {Forest Friend Sweater} Bear Neutrals (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ TCF

Skirt: ISON – pleated midi skirt -XXS- (eggshell) (by Harry Hyx)

  • Accessories:

Hat: .Atomic. {Forest Friend Baret} – Bear (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ TCF

Glasses: Amala – Alyssa Glasses – Clear – Red (by crystalny)

Dog holding: *MishMish* A Poodle to hug – Cream (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Dog cushion: *MishMish* Poodle in a cushion – Coffee (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Socks: :NuDoLu: Chausette Noel – Pois rouge (by Neuilles Neuman)

Bag: Oh la la! ::Bunny purse:: B (by sleepy.hermit)

Shoes: [monso] My Fancy Slip On for TMD (by Morphine Janick) [NEW] @ TMD

  • Decor:

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