LOTD #1133: Get Ready With Me



Mesh head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0 (by Jaden.nova)
Skin applier: [Glam Affair] Rose Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Beige C (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ UBER
Freckles & moles: { wistaria } // sunday freckles + moles (by nova.evergarden) [NEW] @ Harajuku
Blush: { wistaria } // sunday cheek blush (by nova.evergarden) [NEW] @ Harajuku
Eyeshadow: Malina – Vi HD eyeshadows / Lelutka EVO X – GIFT (by MaJIunka)
Lipstick: serotonin. Cherry Bomb Lip / Lel Evo / Pack 1 (by ayeuki) [NEW] @ Harajuku
Hairbase: LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.064 (by Jaden.nova)
Hair: Lamb. Heartbreaker – (Small) – Genus/Lelutka (by Lamb Bellic) [NEW] @ C88

Earrings: Vibing — Lunar Earring — Gold (by luxelitemanager)
Earrings 1: e.marie // Kenna Earrings – Golds { EvoX human } (by Emiliana Nova)
Rings: Vibing — Summer Rings — Gold (by luxelitemanager)

Eyemask: *The Mystic* Sheep Eye Sleeping Mask (Rose) (by LanaI3anana)
Outfit: Lunar – Nite – FULLSET (by lunarstore) [NEW] @ Equal10

Poses & lipstick/mirror: – sc – moonie lipstick 3 (by nessa.mercury) [NEW] @ Anthem*right arm was edited a little using anypose


Building: :HAIKEI: IN YOUR HEAVEN / GACHA / RARE (by qo0op)
Hanging plant 1: dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter (by Noel Bunny)
Hanging plant 2: dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant (by Noel Bunny)
Potted plant: dust bunny . hoya plant (by Noel Bunny)
Paper butterfly: dust bunny & windsong . paper butterflies (by Noel Bunny)
Frames: :HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA / 6 (by qo0op)
Hello sign: -tres blah- Workspace – Hello Sign 1 (by Julliette Westerburg)

Tall shelf: :HAIKEI: IN YOUR HEAVEN / GACHA / 3 (by qo0op)
Hedgehog planter: dust bunny . quirky planters . hedgehog (by Noel Bunny)
Cactus: -tres blah- Salad Days – Cactus (by Julliette Westerburg)
Lipstick organizer: MVT – Lipstick organizer – Gold (by MOVEMENTT)
Roses vase: dust bunny . wanderlust . bouquet teacup (by Noel Bunny)

Round tall table: MVT – Rolling cart for makeup – Rose gold (by MOVEMENTT)
makeup organizer: MVT – Vanity makeup organizer -Pink (by MOVEMENTT)
Beauty products: MVT – Beauty time products (by MOVEMENTT)
Box: 12 MVT – Samples to promote (by MOVEMENTT)
Slippers: MishMish – Hammie & Slippers (by Aime Takaaki)
Bag clutter: Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Bag Clutter (by Noel Bunny)
Book stack: dust bunny . wiccan book stack (by Noel Bunny)

Rug: :HAIKEI: COMFORT ZONE / GACHA / 5 (by qo0op)
Canvas art: -tres blah- Golden Cage – Canvas Art (by Julliette Westerburg)
Roses cup: dust bunny . wanderlust . rose teacup (by Noel Bunny)
Potted bromelia: dust bunny . potted bromeliad (by Noel Bunny)


Sofa/bed: :HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA / 2 (by qo0op)
Plushie: Lunar – Miyu Plushie – Rez (by kiki.ergenthal)
Clothing rack: :HAIKEI: KEEP THIS SIMPLE / GACHA / 1 (by qo0op)
Bra hanging: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Brassiere (by Julliette Westerburg)
Tablet: -tres blah- Golden Cage – Tablet (by Julliette Westerburg)
Notebook: -tres blah- Salad Days – Passing Time (by Julliette Westerburg)
Makeup bag: -tres blah- Jolie – Makeup Bag RARE (by Julliette Westerburg)
Snack: Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack (by Julliette Westerburg)
Makeup cup: MVT – But first makeup CUP – Decor (by MOVEMENTT)
Books: MVT – Beauty guide books (by MOVEMENTT)

Pink vase plant: :HAIKEI: IN YOUR HEAVEN / GACHA / 5 (by qo0op)
Round table: :HAIKEI: KEEP THIS SIMPLE / GACHA / 7 (by qo0op)
Drink cup, bottle, macaroon: 1 MVT – Influencer coffee break – 1 (by MOVEMENTT)
Little makeup purse: MVT – Some cute purse (by MOVEMENTT)
Streaming tripod: 5 MVT – Quick streaming tripod (by MOVEMENTT)
Nail polish collection: Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Nail Polish Collection (by Julliette Westerburg)
Cup with brushes: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Brushes 1 (by Julliette Westerburg)

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