LOTD #1010: This could be paradise …



Mesh head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.1.2 (by jaden.nova)
Skin applier: [Glam Affair] Bia Layer [Lelutka] 007 C (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ Kustom9 
Bikini tan mark: Izzie’s – Bikini Tan Lines (pale skins) more visible 40% (by Izzie Button)
Wet skin: Izzie’s – Wet Body Hud (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Omega) (by Izzie Button)
Hair & hat: Tableau Vivant \\ Sommer (by M4ri1yn Magic) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20

Earrings: LaGyo_Gabrielle Earrings – Yellow (by gyorgyna.larnia) [NEW] @ Kustom9 
Nails: e.marie // Mix&Match Coffin – Vintage Summer / Honeycomb (by emiliana.nova)

Bikini: Lowen – Nautical Bikini [FATPACK] (by alexachungs) [NEW] @ ACCESS

Poses: Amitie Botanical Pose 6 (by BELEN Ackland) *hand and head modded with anypose!

Trees:  LB_LipstickPalm.v2{Animated} (by cari.mckeenan) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Rocks: Pitaya – Beach Set (by Dyana Rain) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Waterlily and flowers: Amtie Botanical Dreams (by BELEN Ackland)

DECOR #72: Beach Life


Beach path: Beach Building Set from Studio Skye – Box (by Alex Bader)
Beach dunes: Beach Dune Building Set from Studio Skye – Box v2 (by Alex Bader)
Palm tree 1: DaD DESIGN “Twin Palm Trees with wind” mesh – M/C (by sheerpetal.roussel)
Palm tree 2: LB_LipstickPalm.v2{Animated} (by cari.mckeenan) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Palm tree 3: KraftWork Matcha Beach Shack Extra Palm (by NODNOL Jameson)


Beach sign: 10T&Co. Beach Sign w/p Yellow Flash (by thunder.strom) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Poles: 23 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Poles (by 8f8)
Parasol: Ayla. Beach Day – Beach Parasol (by skye.nova) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Beach lounger: Ayla. Beach Day – Beach Lounger (by skye.nova) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Basket: Ayla. Beach Day – Basket (by skye.nova) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Beach hat: KraftWork Summer Shack . Summer Hat & Towel (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Tube: 7 – Inner Tube Float – Patterns (by Agustkov) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Whale: 8f8 – Driftwood III – Unimaginable Sadness (by 8f8) *group gift


Pier: brocante. waterfront pier / worn (by ValiantCo) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Beach towel: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise – 6. Puppy Beach Towel RARE (by halogen.magic)
Puppy: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise – 3. Bit the Beachball (by halogen.magic)
Flaming floatie: .S&S. Summer Splash – Flamingo Floatie (by henry.haystack)
Tube: BALACLAVA!! Swimming Tube [Memphis] & [Flower] (by uriah.eulenberg) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Lifeguard chair: Sari-Sari – Lifeguard Chair (by stupidmonkey) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Rescue board: Sari-Sari – Surf Rescue Board (by stupidmonkey) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Pole: MADRAS Sea Breeze Summer (by Karthikeyan Engineer) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Wall surfboards: {what next} Surfboard Wall Decor (by Winter Thorn)
Juice dispenser: MishMish – Pineapple Juice Dispenser (yellow) (by Aime Takaaki)
Poster 1: Dahlia – Belmar – Vintage Artisan Soda Sign (by June Fallon)
Poster 2: 7 – Poolside Refreshments (by Agustkov) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20


Shack: KraftWork Summer Shack . Shack (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Paper lantern: KraftWork Summer Shack . Paper Lamp Yellow, Red & Blue (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Stool: KraftWork Summer Shack . Stool (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Plant: Ariskea [Plumeria] Plumeria Banane Plant (by aris.pancake) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Fish mobile: KraftWork Fish Mobile (by NODNOL Jameson)
Menu board: 22769 – Coffee Sandwich Board (by Paco Pooley) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Tote bag: ..::THOR::.. Beachin’ Tote Bag (by andraus Thor) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Hanging sign 1: KraftWork Summer Shack . Coconut Sign (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Hanging sign 2: KraftWork Summer Shack . Beach Life Sign (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Drink fridge: Soy. UTD – Drink showcase (by soyoy)
Wooden Shelves: KraftWork Summer Shack . Wooden Shelves (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Hanging basket: dust bunny . tiered hanging baskets . brown (by lxlnoel)
Hanging plant: dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant (by lxlnoel)

Food & drinks displayed on the shelves and around the shack:
KraftWork Summer Shack . Lemonade Trio (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
KraftWork Matcha Beach Shack Drinks (by NODNOL Jameson)
KraftWork Summer Shack . Decorative Bowls (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
22769 – Regular Coffee Bags (by Paco Pooley) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
22769 – Cookie Jar (by Paco Pooley) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
KraftWork Summer Shack . Pineapple Drink (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
.random.Matter. – Snack Haul – Drinks (by nikohl.hax)
.random.Matter. – Market – Ramyeon (by nikohl.hax)
.random.Matter. – Market – Soda Cans (by nikohl.hax)
O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Carton (by damascusvera) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Bottle (by damascusvera) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
KraftWork Matcha Beach Shack Ice Cream (by NODNOL Jameson)

Panel: [-BLUE SKY-] Wall Panel Decor “Cubes” (by Luca Python) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Lifebuoy 1: 14 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Safeguard (by 8f8)
Lifebuoy 2: Sari-Sari – Lifebuoy (by stupidmonkey) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Surfboard pile: [IK] Surf Shelter Set – Surfboards (by dagger.rainier)
Surfboard display: [HDxMG]Surfboards display -vivid (by michi.organiser)
Speaker: 10T&Co. Beachball Speaker C1-on (by thunder.strom) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Table & rug: O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Blanket & Pallet (by damascusvera) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Beer glass: O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Glass (by damascusvera) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20

LOTD #1009: Sun, Sand & Sea



Mesh head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.1.2 (by jaden.nova)
Skin applier: [Glam Affair] Bia Layer [Lelutka] 007 C (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ Kustom9 
Bikini tan mark: Izzie’s – Bikini Tan Lines (pale skins) more visible 40% (by Izzie Button)
Beach sand applier: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Body Beach Sand (by Izzie Button)
Hair: tram J0616 hair(Style1) (by moca Loup) [NEW] @ UBER

Hair accessory: LaGyo_Gabrielle Headband – Teal (by gyorgyna.larnia) [NEW] @ Kustom9 
Necklace: LaGyo_Seaside Necklace (by gyorgyna.larnia)
Starfish: Scandalize.Melissa-STAR-WAIST. Maitreya (by shey.vanilla)
Drink: :::ChicChica::: Whisky #1 RARE (by Lilo Denimore) [NEW] @ The Arcade Gacha

Bikini top: Schadenfreude Tali Bikini Top (by Allegory Malaprop) [NEW] @ Summerfest’20
Bikini bottom add on: paper.arrow beach.bikini add.on (by arrowpaper)
Shorts: paper.arrow beach.shorts medium [M-beta] (by arrowpaper)

Poses: Kirin Poses – June Pose Pack (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] @ Kustom9 

decor credits soon!