DECOR #71: Colors of the wind


Building: Trompe Loeil – Daphne Garden Shed April (by cory.edo)
Plant on the front ceiling: KraftWork The Traveling Bookseller . Decorative Wagon Plants (by NODNOL Jameson)
Mercantile Sign: KraftWork + Infinite Farm Bar . Mercantile Sign (by NODNOL Jameson)
Shrub: HPMD* Shrub – pink*c (by sasaya.kayo)
Tree bush: *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] (by alir.flow)
Grass: MishMish – Sweet Short Grass – TypeA/BigRound (by Aime Takaaki)


Bike: ANHELO-M59BK-196GA :: in the glare (by fk0724)
Monstera Plant: {vespertine}- monstera plant. (by amelie.knelstrom)


Hanging herb: {vespertine} herb drying (by amelie.knelstrom)
Daisy hanging basket: KraftWork + Infinite Farm Bar . Wall Flowers Basket White (by NODNOL Jameson)


Wind chime: {vespertine} – bloom triple wind chime / summer ombre (by amelie.knelstrom)
Pebble path: {vespertine} – garden pebble stepping stone (by amelie.knelstrom)
Birdhouse: {vespertine}– villa birdhouse/shorter -earth, seafoam, mustard & clementine (by amelie.knelstrom)
Peace lily plant: {vespertine}- peace lily plant /texture change pot. (by amelie.knelstrom)
Chrysanthemums: {vespertine} – large potted chrysanthemums / yellomix
Succulent: {vespertine}-rainbow succulent bowl (by amelie.knelstrom)


Palm plant: {vespertine}- parlour palm. (by amelie.knelstrom)
Bird cage: KraftWork Florist . Bird Cage . Orange GIFT (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed *gift
Veggie crate: {vespertine} veggie crate (by amelie.knelstrom)


Sofa: [Con.] The Cave – Tub Chair – A – Coffee (by ValiantCo)
Hanging succulent: {vespertine} hanging succulents. – sedum burrito. (by amelie.knelstrom)
Rosemary pot: {vespertine} potted rosemary (by amelie.knelstrom)
Basil pot: {vespertine} potted basil (by amelie.knelstrom)
Parsley pot: {vespertine} potted parsley (by amelie.knelstrom)
Bay leaf pot: {vespertine} potted bay leaf (by amelie.knelstrom)
Chives pot: {vespertine} potted chives (by amelie.knelstrom)
Herb mix planter: {vespertine} potted herb mix 2 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Cat pot: {vespertine}thrift store bear planter – sansavieria (by amelie.knelstrom)
Giraffe vase: {vespertine}thrift store giraffe planter – pencil cactus/clay (by amelie.knelstrom)
Strawberry pot: –ANHELO-M19MD-166GA :: strawberry pot (by fk0724)
Satrawberry planter: –ANHELO-M18MD-166GA :: strawberry planter (by fk0724)
Cactus watering can: –ANHELO-M57CA-194GA :: still life (cactus) (by fk0724)
Peonies vase: KraftWork Florist . Large Cooler Planter with Peonies . White (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed 
Eucalyptus urn: KraftWork Florist . Eucalyptus Urn (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed 
Daisies basket: KraftWork + Infinite Farm Bar . Wall Flowers Basket Orange (by NODNOL Jameson)


Table: KraftWork Cozy Sundry Table Red Wood (by NODNOL Jameson)
Clock: KraftWork Serene Collection . Clock . Pastel Tones (by NODNOL Jameson)
Orange peonies: KraftWork Florist . Large Cooler Planter with Peonies . Orange (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed 
Orange peonies 1: KraftWork Florist . Cooler Planter with Peonies . Orange (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed 
Typewritter: =Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter_Black (by ShuteDeLory)
Book with vase: KraftWork Serene Collection . Book and Flower . Yellow Mood (by NODNOL Jameson)
Pink peonies: KraftWork Florist . Cooler Planter with Peonies . Rose (by NODNOL Jameson) [NEW] @ FaMESHed 
Candle: KraftWork Florist . Candle Holder (by NODNOL Jameson)
Art frame: KraftWork + Infinite Farm Bar . Landscape Cow Painting (by NODNOL Jameson)
Flower vase: KraftWork Serene Collection . Flower Vase . Pastel Tones (by NODNOL Jameson)
Vintage camera: KraftWork + [ kunst ] Vintage 8mm DECOR (by NODNOL Jameson)
Books and glasses: KraftWork Serene Collection . Books and Glasses (by NODNOL Jameson)
White chrysanthemums vase: {vespertine} – large potted chrysanthemums / white (by amelie.knelstrom)