DECOR #62: City walk


Building 1: MINIMAL – VIBE Backdrop RARE (by ors.quan)
Building 2: Tokyo After Dark – by Ex Machina 1.0.3 (by hatris.panacek)
Building 3: &05 [VOZ] WS – DVD Bar (A) (by Voice Zane)
Building 4: &04 [VOZ] WS – Skewers Restaurant (B) – UNCOMMON (by Voice Zane)
Post box: booN-kura Japanese old post box (by boo Nakamura) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Traffic light: ionic : Tokyo Traffic Light (by lakua Arriaga)
Red phone stand: [MW]cigaretts shop No5 (by sumire Papp)
Scooter: –ANHELO-M54SR-193GA :: veeen (shiny red) (by fk0724)
Menu at the window: oyasumi / izakaya wall menu (by Kenzo Gateaux)
Hanging plant: Mithral * Hanging Propagation Set (Natural Wood) (by Evadne Quintessa) [NEW] @  Kustom9
Gas tank: –ANHELO-G01B2-168GA :: gas tank (by fk0724)
Plant 1: PLAAKA RattanBasketPlanter Monstera (by Zazie Daviau) [NEW] @  Kustom9
Plant 2: PLAAKA RattanBasketPlanter Dracaena Massangeana (by Zazie Daviau) [NEW] @  Kustom9
Plant 3: hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot a (by thehivestore)


Building 1: ionic – Tokyo Life RARE (by lakua Arriaga)
Building 2: +ILO+ Video Days Apt (by zozo.raven) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Phone: taikou / international pay phone (with table) gift (by torafuku)
Plant: crate Backyard Pub Shed – Plant (by anabelle.marquis) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Banner: oyasumi / cloth banner / izakaya (by Kenzo Gateaux)
Cart: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (19) Claypot Rice Cart (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Frying pan: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (14) Frying pan (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Clay pot: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (15) Pork Roast Claypot rice (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Plastic Crate 1: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (03) Plastic Crate-C (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Plastic Crate 2: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (02) Plastic Crate-B (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Plastic Crate 3: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (04) Plastic Bucket (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Oil container: *bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (05) Peanut Oil (by omiluo) [NEW] @ 6º Republic Event
Beer case: –ANHELO-G01B1-168GA :: beer case A (by fk0724)

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