DECOR #49: Warm Day


Building: Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox + Surround V1.1 (by cory.edo)
Blue curtain: The Loft – Drape (by Nardya Rousselot
White curtain: BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom curtain (by ria.bazar)
Plant 1: dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree (by lxlnoel)
Plant 2: dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant (by lxlnoel)
Plants on the wall: {what next} Wall Hanging Plant #1 / Plant #3 (by Winter Thorn) Mainstore
Pom lights: Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Pom Lights ~ white (by nina.helix) [NEW] @ Tannenbaum
Lamp: [Bad Unicorn] ‘Tired Tuesdays’ Lamp (by badunicorn) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Model plane: AF Model Plane (Large) (by warehousefifteendesigns)


Sofa: Fancy Decor: Russell Sectional Sofa (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Chair: [Bad Unicorn] ‘Tired Tuesdays’ Chair (by badunicorn) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Rug 1: BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Rug (by ria.bazar)
Rug 2: Fancy Decor: Watson Rug (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Table: Fancy Decor: Russell Coffee Table (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Penguin cup: {what next} Wintertime Mug Decor (by Winter Thorn) [NEW] Mainstore
Plate: {what next} Wintertime Cookies (by Winter Thorn) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Cereal bow: dust bunny . unicorn cereal (by lxlnoel)
Cassette tape: BAZAR – Stockholm-Music tapes (by ria.bazar)
Books: Fancy Decor: Spencer Book Stack (by Jake Vordun)
Tin with flowers: -tb- Tea Time – Tin with Flowers (by Julliette Westerburg)
Typewriter: BAZAR – Stockholm-Typewriter (by ria.bazar)
Magazine basket: Fancy Decor: Russell Magazine Basket B (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Headphone: BAZAR – Stockholm-Headphones (decor) (by ria.bazar)
Dog: Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting (static) (by nina.helix) [NEW] @ Tannenbaum
Book and scarf: dust bunny . cozy reading (by lxlnoel)
Book pile: BAZAR – Toronto-Study books stack (by ria.bazar)
Sneakers: BAZAR – Stockholm-Sneakers decor (female) (by ria.bazar)
Step ladder: dust bunny & tenshi . step ladder . white (by lxlnoel)
Donuts and milk bottle: dust bunny . unicorn donuts (by lxlnoel)


Shelf: Fancy Decor: Russell Shelf (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Plant: dust bunny . hoya plant (by lxlnoel)
Frame and books: -tres blah- Workspace – Print and Books (by Julliette Westerburg)
Lamp: Fancy Decor: Russell Lamp (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Clock: BAZAR – Stockholm-Flip Clock (by nina.helix)
Vase: Fancy Decor: Russell Vase (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Magazine pile: Fancy Decor: Russell Magazine Stack (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Paper bag: BAZAR – Stockholm-Paper bag (decor) (by nina.helix)
Frame 1: Fancy Decor: Russell Poster B (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Frame 2: Fancy Decor: Russell Poster A (by Jake Vordun) [NEW] @ C88
Frame 3: Pure Poison – Toto Frame – DECO (by Shaleene Kenin)
Suitcase: dust bunny . storybook living . suitcase stack (by lxlnoel)
Planter: dust bunny . unicorn planter (by lxlnoel)
Book pile 1: BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Books 03 (by nina.helix)
Book pile 2: BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Books 02 (by nina.helix)
Book pile 3: BAZAR – Stockholm-Bedroom Books 01 (by nina.helix)

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