DECOR #45: Checkpoint


Background:  MINIMAL  – Checkpoint Corridor (by Ors Quan) [NEW] @ UBER
Neon: floorplan. neon hit it / gold (by Tegan Serin)
Traffic cones: xin. traffic cone stack (by superjaix) *n/a
Exit sign: ~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Vintage Exit Sign (by astin.miles)
Can: ::no13::can(A / green / 1LI) (by torigara)
Drink machine: ENERGY DRINK VM ZED-YEL (by thunder.strom)
Neon sign: *TRIX* Neon Sign #1a (by Trixxiz)
Phone: [MW]cigaretts shop No5 (by sumire Papp)
Ac unit: *booN-kura Japanese grandma A/C Unit (by boo Nakamura)


Cat: JA – Cat Looking – Mesh (by Hannah Kozlowski)
Mesh men 2: Mutresse-Wasted-Mr FixIt  (by Eeky Cioc)
Trash pile: 8 – DRD – Trailer Park – Junk Pile Large (by deathrowdesigns)
Trash can: {LOVER2} – Trash Can (by Jong Ames)
Trash bag: ~UrBaN SpIrIt~ Single Trash Bag 1 (by astin.miles)


Electric box: [ Post Apoc ] Electric Box 1 (by Ixysha)
Car: H&C News Van (by HellBone Barbosa)
Mesh men 1: Mutresse-Drilling-Mr FixIt (by Eeky Cioc)

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