DECOR #42: It’s paradise


Beach floor: Beach Building Set from Studio Skye (by Alex Bader)
Beach dunes: Beach Dune Building Set from Studio Skye – Box v2 (by Alex Bader)
Palm Trees: DaD DESIGN “Twin Palm Trees with wind” mesh (by sheerpetal Roussel)
Lighthouse: 16 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Red Lighthouse (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Boat: 02 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Stargazer RARE (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Sign: BAZAR California-Surf Motel Sign (by ria.bazar)
Towel stand: {vespertine}driftwood towel stand (by amelie.knelstrom)
Life ring 1: [Con.] Summer in the Park – The Boathouse (by Wavie Haller)
Life ring 2: dust bunny . life ring (by lxlnoel)
Life ring 3: 14 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Safeguard (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Oar towel rack: floorplan. oar towel rack (by Tegan Serin)
Stack of SurfBoard: Ariskea [ Porcelain] Stack of SurfBoard (by diaxm)
Helium tank: brocante. helium tank with balloon (by Tegan Serin)


Building: 01 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Home Gallery RARE (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Surfboard display: [HDxMG]Surfboards display -vivid (by michi.organiser)
Swimring: [IK] Beach Day – Inner Tube PG (by dagger.rainier)
Ball: [IK] Beach Day – Ball (by dagger.rainier)
Ducks: 14_8f8 – New Beginnings – First Swim (by 8f8)
Easel: 12 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Easel (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Canvas: 07 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Canvases (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Door bead curtain: {vespertine -door bead curtain/rainbow } (by amelie.knelstrom)
Frame: Ariskea [ Porcelain] Life is Good At the Beach (by diaxm)
Posters: BAZAR California-Poster 02/01 (by ria.bazar)
Bucket: 04 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Bucket Table (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Painting: 08 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Painting 1 (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Seat: 11 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Painter’s Seat (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Car: BAZAR California- VW retro bus (by ria.bazar)
Sign: dust bunny . beach locations sign (by lxlnoel)
Shore path: ionic : Shore path (straight) (by Iakua Arriaga)


Fence: 23 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Poles (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Seagulls: 24 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Seagull (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Sandcastle: dust bunny . sand castle . dark (by lxlnoel)
Surfboard: [-BLUE SKY-] Wall Surfboard – Turtles (by Luca Python)
Buoys: 05 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Standing Buoys (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Flower bed: ROIRO – “OAZO” Flower bed (by roiro)
Sunflower: ROIRO – “OAZO” Sunflowers (by roiro)
Small sunflowers: {what next} Sunflowers Pitcher (by Winter Thorn)
Oar: 21 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Oar 2 (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Resort signs: brocante. beach resort signs (by Tegan Serin)
Safeguard: 14 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Safeguard (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Mailbox: 19 – 8f8 – Paint me Summer – Mailbox (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Bicycle: {what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor (by Winter Thorn)
Vase: DRD – Boho Backyard – Sunflowers (by deathrowdesigns)
Birdcage: brocante. book birdcage (by ValiantCo)


Stone path: Ariskea[Mocorra] stone path (by diaxm)
Table: [Merak] – Sandwich Tray (by annellystone)
Figs tart: 8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS Tart (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Figs: 8f8 – Foodlicious – FIGS Group Gift (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Mainstore
Ice chest: .14 [ kunst ] – Ice chest / blue (by Kunst Himmel)
Chair: [IK] Beach Day – Beach Chair A (by dagger.rainier)
Beach bag: [IK] Beach Day – Bag (by dagger.rainier)
Starfish: MishMish – Starfish Orange, Red and pink (by Aime Takaaki)