DECOR #41: My Cozy Room


Background: SAYO – Secret Room Scene (by kaysha.piers)
Sofa: The Loft & Aria – Hexa Sofa With A Throw – Grey (by yelo.uriza)
Rug: Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] (by diaxm)
Frame 1: [ keke ] framed glitter kiss (by kean.kelly)
Frame 2: [Brixley] studded frame (by isabelle.requiem)
Neon: BALACLAVA!! (Not) Sorry Neon (by uriah.eulenberg)
Pillow: Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] (by diaxm)
Glitter: [ keke ] rain fall glitter . 1 LI (by kean.kelly) [NEW] @ UBER
Coffee & Muffin: Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Bottled roses: [ keke ] bottled roses – white (by kean.kelly)
Candles: [ keke ] candles and pearls RARE (by kean.kelly)
Rug 1: The Loft & ARIA – Hexa Rug (by yelo.uriza)
Rug 2: BALACLAVA!! Camden Rug CHARCOAL (Pattern) (by uriah.eulenberg)
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Moccasins: Apple Fall Leather Moccasins (by warehousefifteendesigns)


Table: BALACLAVA!! Fiona Coffee Table (Black) (by uriah.eulenberg)
Vase: Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Incense: [ keke ] spirit incense (by kean.kelly)
Slides: [ keke ] slides (by kean.kelly)
Moon: Ariskea[Sanctuary] Moon (by diaxm)


Chandelier: [ keke ] glitter chandelier . silver . (by kean.kelly) [NEW] @ UBER
Side table: [ keke ] round sideboard . black (by kean.kelly)
Lamp: .random.Matter. – Oracle Lamp – Ivy [S] (by nikohl.hax)
Books: .random.Matter. – Oracle Bookstack (by nikohl.hax)
Cigar: Apple Fall ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray  (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Tip jar: [ keke ] tip jar . hug (by kean.kelly)
Mirror: PILOT – Trellis Mirror [White] (by Kaz Nayar)
Vases: Ariskea[Frank] Vases (by diaxm)


Industrial lamp: Ariskea/The Den [Military] Industrial Lamp
Frames: [ keke ] framed . black (by kean.kelly)
Cabinet: .random.Matter. – Oracle Cabinet – White (by nikohl.hax)
Drink and cups tray: Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial  (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Candles: Apple Fall Plaster Candles  (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Frame decor: Ariskea[RainyDays] Frame Decor (by diaxm)
Celebrate letters: [ keke ] celebrate (by kean.kelly)
Jug: [ keke ] milk jug flowers – white (by kean.kelly)
Potted plant: dust bunny . potted cheese plant (by lxlnoel)

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