LOTD #675/676: Kawaii Girls!




Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Catya (by catwa.clip)
Skin applier: Insol: Mashell’s secrets #9 “Shame on you!” (by almercury) @ The Epiphany
Hair: tram G0117 hair (by moca Loup) [NEW]
Ears: *The Mystic*little fox headdress (Rose) (by LanaI3anana) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

Scarf: (Yummy) Bow Scarf – Tea Roses (by Polyester Partridge)
Outfit: =Zenith=Sweater Coat with piggy (by miffyhoi.rosca) [NEW]@ Kustom9 
Tights: fri. – Lovey.Stockings Applier (Cherry) (by Darling Monday)
Boots: Tee*fy Chelsea boots Red (by azure.electricteeth)

Poses: Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau)


Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Catya (by catwa.clip)
Skin applier: Insol: Mashell’s secrets #9 “Shame on you!” (by almercury) @ The Epiphany
Hair: tram F1201 hair (by moca Loup)

Bandages: CURELESS [+] Sterile Face Bandages (by Kaorinette)
Bow: .Olive. the Dollie Bow – Pink (by naminaeko)
Outfit: VCO ~ U & I Denim Look 003 _Maitreya Exp (by yamette)
Tights and shoes: VCO ~ U & I Knee socks (Pastel) _Maitreya Exp . RARE (by yamette)

Poses: Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau)

– Decor:

Building: dust bunny . flutter skybox (by lxlnoel)
Wall frame 1: floorplan. paint-dipped frame (by Tegan Serin)
Wall frame 2: ionic where is my mind? frame (by lakua Arriaga) *past tcf gift
Pink chair: MishMish & Mien – Memories Chair / open – Pink (by Aime Takaaki)
Cactus vase: -tres blah- Salad Days – Cactus (by Julliette Westerburg)
Hearts frame: Alouette – Valentine’s Heart Frame (by Scarlet Chandrayaan)
Memo board: -tb- Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Fashion) (by Julliette Westerburg)
Poof balls: -tb- Tea Time – Poof Balls (by Julliette Westerburg)
Wall calendar:*MishMish* The Paper Cut Calendar – Light Wood (by Aime Takaaki)
Frames: DIGS – Foxglove Frames – Spring (by Iris Maskelyne)
Curtain: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Tied (by halogen.magic)
Sofa: +Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Sofa – Calico (by halogen.magic)
Folded blanks: +Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets – Baby Pink (by halogen.magic)
Cat bed: +Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter II – Cat Bed (Pink) (by halogen.magic)
Cat inside the bed: +Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) – Brown Patch (by halogen.magic)
Rug 1: +Half-Deer+ Messy Rug/Blanket (by halogen.magic)
Rug 2: +Half-Deer+ Catface Rug (by halogen.magic)
Cat: MishMish – Kitties go to market – I haz a shopping list (by Aime Takaaki)
Book pile: -tb- Spring Living – Vintage Books  (by Julliette Westerburg)
Book pile 1: -tb- Bon Voyage – Books  (by Julliette Westerburg)
Magazine pile: -tres blah-  Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines  (by Julliette Westerburg)
Trunk: -tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE  (by Julliette Westerburg)
Tissue box: +Half-Deer+ Cuddly Tissue Box (by halogen.magic)
Lamp: MishMish – Akemi Lamp (pink) (by Aime Takaaki)
Cactus: +Half-Deer+ Ombre Cactus – Short – Sunrise (by halogen.magic)
Tall cactus: +Half-Deer+ Ombre Cactus – Tall – Blue (by halogen.magic)
Cactus vase: +Half-Deer+ Ombre Cactus – Short – Twilight (by halogen.magic)
Deer planter: +Half-Deer+ Deer Planter – White (by halogen.magic)
Lamp: {vespertine}- my quirky corner / five o clock lamp 1 – 12 RARE (by amelie.knelstrom)
Panda stool: +Half-Deer+ Panda Stool (by halogen.magic) *old gift
Table: DIGS – Seddon Coffee Table – Colours (by Iris Maskelyne)
Computer: MishMish – Kitties go to market – Computer RARE (by Aime Takaaki)
Phone: -tres blah- Salad Days – Easy Listening (by Julliette Westerburg)
Pug cup:*MishMish* Pugs Love TV – The one with the pug (by Aime Takaaki)
Planner: -tres blah- Salad Days – Lavender Planner 2 (by Julliette Westerburg)
Macarons: -tb- Pastry Mania – Macarons (by Julliette Westerburg)
Macarons 1: -tb- Pastry Mania – Raspberry Heart (by Julliette Westerburg)
Cup: +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy – Winter in a Cup (Seal) (by halogen.magic)
Vase: -tb- Spring Living – Daisies (by Julliette Westerburg)

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