LOTD #672: Baking time!

Hello sweeties!

So I’ve been playing around decorating my home with some pretty things I got at this round of the arcade. I changed my kitchen space and you’ll find at the event amazing things to make your space even more prettier.

I hope you like it and I wish you all a great start of new year!!





Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Catya (by catwa.clip)
Skin applier: Glam Affair – Alba Applier ( Catwa ) America 01(by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Nail applier: Nailed It (by giela.delpaso)
Hair: tram F1201 hair (by moca Loup) [NEW]

Antlers and nose: Fawny – Deer.Mini Mask (by akirakiyoi) *Epiphany Christmas Gift
Scarf: (Yummy) Bow Scarf – Tea Roses (by Polyester Partridge)
Donut: [La Baguette] Teddy Donut ~ Strawberry (by aristas) @ SaNaRae
Coffee: -tres blah- Cozy Winter – Cozy Cocoa (by Julliette Westerburg)

Apron with sweater: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Merry Apron RARE (by Ivy Graves)  @ The Arcade
Socks: [Atomic] Gacha_Tis the Season_Toe-sties – Red (by Ivy Graves) @ N.21

Poses: Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau) *arms modded with anypose


Building: Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox V1.1 (by cory.edo)
Stove: 02_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Stove RARE (by 8f8)
Sink cabinet: dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet (by lxlnoel)
Jars: The Secret Store – Folk Jars (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Bowls: The Secret Store – Enamel Bowls (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Fridge: 25_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Refrigerator (by 8f8)
Baking book and recipe box: {vespertine} – prepared 4 baking 12 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Rug 1: 14_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Throw Rug (by 8f8)
Rug 2: The Secret Store – Folk Carpet (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Big wall cupboard: 23_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Wall Cupboard (by 8f8)
Mixer: {vespertine} – kitchen helper 15 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Fondue maker: {vespertine} – fondue maker / magenta 9 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Spice tins: The Secret Store – Folk Spice Tins I (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Canisters: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Merry Canisters (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Stacked bowls: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Stacked Bowls (by Ivy Graves)  @ The Arcade
Hanging plant: The Secret Store – Macrame & Ivy (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Blue cabinet: The Secret Store – Folk Cabinet (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Vase: The Secret Store – Folk Vase (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Glass rack: {vespertine} – glassrack 6 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Chair: The Secret Store – Folk Coffee Table (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Shopping bag:{vespertine} – shopping bag 18 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Curtain: Soy. Vintage lace curtain B-type (white) (by soyoy)


Hanging tools: {vespertine} – hanging tools /color 4 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Pan: {vespertine} – fresh bearbread 14 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Baking tins: {vespertine} – baking tins 5 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Tea pot and cups: The Secret Store – Enamel Teapot (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Spatulas tin: {vespertine} – spatulas tin 2 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Cutting boards: The Secret Store – Folk Cutting Boards (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Dish rack: {vespertine} – dishrack /iron black 8 (by amelie.knelstrom)
Cupboard: The Secret Store – Folk Shelf – Full (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cupboard 1: PLAAKA OldWoodCupboard (by Zazie Daviau) @ The Arcade


Kitchen counter: 24_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Kitchen Counter (by 8f8)
Jar: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Baking Utensils (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Cupcake pan:  [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Cupcake Pan (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Cookie sheet: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Cookie Sheet (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Mixing bowl: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Mixing Bowl (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Rolling pin: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Rolling Pin (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Cookie Cutouts: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Cookie Cutouts (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Cupcake Decorating: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Cupcake Decorating (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Heart bowls: [Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker – Measure it (by Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Bread: The Secret Store – Folk Bread  (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade

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