Decor #35: Dreamland


Building: :CP: Book Nook Fort RARE (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Epiphany
Rug: :CP: Book Nook Blanket Reading Cosy (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Epiphany
Chandelier: :CP: Book Nook Chandelier – Exclusive Item (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Epiphany
Strapped books: :CP: Book Nook Strapped Books (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Epiphany
Curtain: *ionic* Colorines (curtain) (by lakua Arriaga)
Stuffed duck: HPMD* stuffed duck/whiteA (by sasaya.kayo)


Dolls:*ionic* Boho love (by lakua Arriaga)
Grass: *alirium* nanohana (by alir.flow)
Grass 1: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass01 (g)  (by sasaya.kayo)
Trees: HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – yGreen a (by sasaya.kayo)
Bicycle: {vespertine}-dreamers vehicle/botanica (by amelie.knelstrom)
Fence: {vespertine} single wood fence /berryred (by amelie.knelstrom)


Big Mushroom: +Half-Deer+ Dreamscape Mushroom – Red – Long Lights B (by halogen.magic)
Stones: HPMD* Dirt Road – dark brown  (by sasaya.kayo)
Path:{vespertine – tile skipping path/orient} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Books: -tb- Spring Living – Vintage Books (by Julliette Westerburg)
Birds: *ionic* Helen,  Martin,  Miranda, Izas, Lean and Obe (by lakua Arriaga)
Camera: *ionic* Fiesta Camera (by lakua Arriaga)
Mushrooms: +Half-Deer+ Jewel Mushrooms [box] (by halogen.magic)

LOTD #657: Peace & Love!




Mesh head: LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 (by Mallory Cowen) [NEW]
Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Meredith Appleirs for Laq – Asia (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @  Kustom9

Hair: (fd) Bonfire – Blonde Pack (by Toast Bard) [NEW] @ Hair Fair 2016
Hair Accessory: Astralia – Daisy spring wreath (by astralia)

Short necklace: Izzie’s – C Arrows Necklace (by Izzie Button) @ The Epiphany
Long necklace: (Yummy) Victorian Garden Key – Gold (by Polyester Partridge)
Tattoo: Izzie’s – Metallic Arrow Tattoo (by Izzie Button)
Ring: =Zenith=Boho Ring (Flower) – Golden (by miffyhoi.rosca)
Flowers: The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Bouquet/Mixed Flowers (by maylee.oh)

Top: The Secret Store – Olivia Lacey Blouse – Coral (by maylee.oh) [NEW] @ Collabor 88
Shorts: {mon tissu} Tulip Shorts ~ CrissCross (by Anouk Spot)

1st picture: {Imeka} Lay Down – Pose 3 (by NatiWilliams) *arm modded with anypose
2nd picture: Kirin – Ground Sits / Pose 2 (by Carolina Sautereau)
3rd picture: Kirin (by Carolina Sautereau)


(fd) Sea Salt / (fd) Bonfire / (fd) Mermaid

Listening to: Slaves – My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls

LOTD #656: Hair Fair 2016 & More!




Mesh head: LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 (by Mallory Cowen) [NEW]
Skin Applier: LAQ ~ Wilma Head Applier 1.0 (by Mallory Cowen) [NEW]

Hair: tram F516 hair (by moca Loup) [NEW] @ Hair Fair 2016
Hair accessory: Astralia – Peony Princess RARE (by astralia)

Dress:=Zenith=Boho Summer Dress (White) (by miffyhoi.rosca) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Bag:=Zenith=Boho Leather Shoulder Bag (Camel) (by miffyhoi.rosca) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Paper bag: MishMish – Kitties go to market – Sunflowers (by Aime Takaaki) [NEW] @ The Epiphany

Pose 1st picture: Kirin – Miho Pose 5 (by Carolina Sautereau)
Pose 2nd picture: Kirin – Lara Pose 6 (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] @ Kustom9


tram F519 / tram F517 / tram F518 / tram F516