LOTD #653: Florida Motel




Mesh head: Genesis_Head_Summer_2.0 1 (by GenesisLab) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Eye shadow: Veechi – Coastal Nights Shadow (by Aiubrey Snoodle) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Blush: Veechi – Blush Contour Kit (by Aiubrey Snoodle) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Nail Polish: Veechi – Glitter Beach Nails (by Aiubrey Snoodle) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Hair: [DUE] Luo Mao (by dubled) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Headband: LaGyo_Mary bow bandana Stripes and anchors (by gyorgyna.larnia)

Necklace: (Yummy) Featherweight Necklace (by Polyester Partridge)
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag (Rigged) – RARE (by miffyhoi.rosca) [NEW] @ Kustom9
Ice cream: Tentacio – choco ice cream (by May Tolsen)
Bikini Top: paper.arrow bikini.top chevron (by arrowpaper) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Tank: paper.arrow beach.tank solid.navy (by arrowpaper) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Shorts: B.C.C Lets me up – Banana (by vitamingirl) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016

Poses: Kirin – Tsuki Pose Pack (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] @ Kustom9


Building: *ionic* Motel – RARE (by Pupito Helstein)
Car: [BUC] “Prop” Summah Minivan RARE (by badunicorn)
Bike: xin + toro / cruiser bicycle + surfboard RARE (by superjaix)
Wall Sign: 7 – Florida Motel Sign (by Agustkov) [NEW] @ Summerfest 2016
Motel Sign: *ionic* Motel Sign (by lakua Arriaga)

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