Decor #22: Barbershop

Hello guys!!

The 6º Republic Event just started and today I wanna show you this incredible gacha barber’s setting from xin + toro. There are 22 commons and 4 rares for you to collect and it’s available for 80 lindens per play.

I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to take a look at all the incredible decor items available at the event !!



-Building: xin + toro // barbershop building + rare (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic 
-Clock: .:revival:. clock (by Momentous) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Gentlemen sign: xin + toro // gentlemen sign (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Shelf: xin + toro //  shelf (with clutter) (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Hat rack: 12_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Hat Rack (by 8f8)
-Black barbershop chair: xin + toro // barbershop chair (black) + rare (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic 
-Barber’s cart: xin + toro // barber’s cart (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Barbershop posters: xin + toro // barbershop posters (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic


-Hair products: floorplan. hair products (by Tegan Serin)
-Clippers: xin + toro //  clippers (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Clipper heads: xin + toro // clipper heads (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic

bd3 -Barbershop station: xin + toro // barbershop station (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Mirror: xin + toro // mirror (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Wall shelf: xin + toro // wall supply shelf (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Phone: floorplan. payphone / black (by Tegan Serin)
-Dye bow: xin + toro // dye bowl (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Scissors: floorplan. scissors (by Tegan Serin)
-Brown barbershop chair: xin + toro // barbershop chair (brown) + rare (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Barber’s tools: xin + toro // barber’s tools (by superjaix) [NEW] @ 6º Republic
-Price list: xin + toro // price list (by jammeh) [NEW] @ 6º Republic