Decor #11: Welcome to Grandma’s Little Patisserie

Hello guys!!

Today I’m bringing you a new decor post ^^ This little patisserie is full of pretty items that you’ll find at Candy Fair, The Chapter Four, The Seasons Story and at the Havenhollow. I hope you enjoy and keep scrolling down to see all the pics and credits ^^

Love, Carol.


Avatar: The Secret Store – Little Granny Avatar (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ Havenhollow
Cookies plate: The Secret Store – Granny’s Cookie Platter (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ Havenhollow / Free!!


-Building: *MishMish* Patisserie (by aime.takaaki)
-Bunting: 8f8 – 26. Summer Bunting (by 8f8)
-Parasol: 8f8 – 3. Vintage Parasol (by 8f8)
-Tables: 8f8 – 4. Vintage Table (by 8f8)
-Chairs: 8f8 – 29. Vintage Chair (by 8f8)
-Menu on the table: 8f8 – 20. IceDreams Table Menu (by 8f8)
-Bike: {vespertine}-summer daisy basket (by amelie.knelstrom)
-Mail box: {vespertine} – vintage postbox/poppy red (by amelie.knelstrom)
-Grass: Harmony Daisies – Tall – Yellow – circle – Autumn 1 (by Lilith Heart)
-Trees: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – yellow (by sasaya.kayo)
-Fences: {vespertine} upcycled fence town/autumn (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Welcome Board: 8f8 – 21. IceDreams Welcome Board (by 8f8)
-Door Mat: Sway’s [Door Mat] birds (by Sway Dench)


-Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – yellow (by sasaya.kayo)
-Fences: {vespertine} upcycled fence town/autumn (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Wooden Cart: oyasumi / wooden cart (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Wooden chest: oyasumi / wooden chest (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Apple basket: poche – apple  Basket (by miyu Adder) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Pumpkin doll: :{Atomic}: Pumpkin Companion (by Ivy Graves)
-Apples: poche – Apple of the forest (by miyu Adder) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Hay bale: :CP: Whitby HayBales (by Isla Gealach) *unlinked and modded 
-Pumpkins: *alirium* Pumpkins (by Alir Flow) @ TCF
-Pumpkins pile: :CP: Doublers Pumpkins (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Acorn lamps: :CP: Doublers Acorn Lamps (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Hanging lamp: oyasumi / hanging nautical light (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW]
-Cheese and rats: *ionic* Love and Cheese (Mices) (by lakua Arriaga) @ The Seasons Story 
-Pumpkin and rats: *ionic* Pumpking House (Mice) RARE (by lakua Arriaga) @ The Seasons Story 
-Flying mouse: *ionic* Excalibur ❤ (Mice) (by lakua Arriaga) @ The Seasons Story 

Entrance view from the window:

vitrine view-Poof Balls: -tb- Tea Time – -Poof Balls (by Julliette Westerburg)
-Cupcake stand 1: ANE Cake Stand with Cupcakes (by anemysk.karu) @ Candy Fair 2014
-Cage: 8f8 – Cupcake Light – *Pink* (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Cupcake stand 2: :CP: Mr. Whiskers Cake Stand (by Isla Gealach) *old hunt item I don’t know if still available

vitrine 2-Cupcake Stand: 8f8 – Cupcakes (by 8f8)
-Cake Stand: 8f8 – Strawberry Cake (by 8f8)
-Savory Tier: -tb- Tea Time – Savory Tier RARE (by Julliette Westerburg)
-Tables:18_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Table Brown (by 8f8)
-Chair: 19_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Chair Brown (by 8f8)
-Table menu: 8f8 – 20. IceDreams Table Menu (by 8f8)


-Counter: [Commoner] Cafe Collection / Counter RARE (by Emery Milneaux)
-Sink: {vespertine– upcycled garden sink/cold} (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Shelves: Scarlet Creative Mesh – My Modular Shelves (by Charlotte Bartlett) *Modded
-Cupboard: HIDEKI – Lab Cupboard (by Hideki Carami) @ TCF
-Coffee Machine: 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Espresso Machine RARE (by 8f8)
-Memo Board: {what next} Cafe Memo Board (by FrankLee Anatra)
-Cupcake wall art: Sway’s WallArt Delicious Cupcake (by Sway Dench) *old hunt item I don’t know if still available
-Single Candy Jar: Alouette – Candy Jar Style 1 – Easter (by Scarlet Chandrayaan)
-Single Candy Jar: Alouette – Candy Jar Style 1 – Valentines (by Scarlet Chandrayaan)
-Cookies Jar: 40_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cookie Jars SECRET (by 8f8)
-3 Candy Jars: {Imeka} Candy Balls Light Pink (by Natiwilliams)
-Cake: {what next} Easter Cake (chocolate frosting) (by Winter Thorn)
-Cups: 34_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Milk Glasses Set (by 8f8)
-Ice cream cone stand: 8f8 – 30. Vintage Cone Stand (by 8f8)
-Hanging cage: 8f8 – Cupcake Light – *White* – Hanging (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Cake: 8f8 – Chocolate Cake (by 8f8)
-Pot 1: 8f8 – Mange Destin 12 – Buttercups with nougat (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Pot 2: 8f8 – Mange Destin 10 – Vanilla crescent cookies (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Stacked cups: -tb- Tea Time – Stacked Cups (by Julliette Westerburg)
– Shelf and lamp: oyasumi / retro shelf set (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] @ Collabor 88
-Phone: floorplan. payphone / black(by tegan.serin)
-Ferris wheel: HIDEKI – Ferris Wheel Decor (by Hideki Carami) @ TCF

dcoces-All macaroon boxes: Vespertine – box of macarons (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Lemon, strawberry and orange tart: {Kitchinette} (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Tart pieces: Vespertine – pies and cheesecakes. (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Plates: {Kitchinette -stripped plates bx } (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Apple pie: {vespertine-apple pie} (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Cupcakes: Vespertine (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Basket with cookies: Little Closet – Bunny Cookies – Group Gift (by lxlnoel)
-Cupcakes: 8f8 – Happy Cupcakes (by 8f8)

blog2-Cash Register: ~JA~ Tipjar Cash Register (by josiane.sorciere)
-Tea and Crumpets: -tb- Tea Time – Tea and Crumpets RARE (by Julliette Westerburg)
-Heart lollipops: Sari-Sari – Candy Bar – Lollipop Mold (by stupidmonkey) *Modded  [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Icecream pot: 8f8 – 36. Gift Wrapped Sweetness To-Go – SECRET (by 8f8)
-Tray of Macarons: -tb- Tea Time – Tray of Macarons (by Julliette Westerburg)
-Chocolate truffles: 8f8 – Mange Destin 06 – Rich chocolate truffles (by 8f8) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014
-Cupcakes tray: -tb- Tea Time – Cupcakes (by Julliette Westerburg)


On the wall:

-Brown Frames: {what next} Cafe Vintage Wall Prints (by FrankLee Anatra)
-Paint: MudHoney (by Rayvn Hynes)
-Book shelf: HIDEKI – String Bookshelf (by Hideki Carami)
-Lamp: HIDEKI – Camera Lamp (by Hideki Carami) @ TCF
-Ladder: :CP: Doublers Lantern Ladder (by Isla Gealach) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story
-Fireplace: floorplan. slat fireplace / monotone (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story
-Books: floorplan. leaning book stack / monotone (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Lantern: floorplan. lantern clock / brass (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

On the floor:

-Kerosene heater: Soy. Kerosene heater w/ kettle [Red] (by Soyoy) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story
-Apple crate: floorplan. apple crate stack seat (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story 
-Sofa: HIDEKI – Classical Couch (by Hideki Carami) @ TCF
-Bear: HIDEKI – Bear with Guitar (by Hideki Carami) @ TCF
-Chair: MishMish & Mien – Memories Chair / open – Wood D (by aime.takaaki)
-Box on the floor: dust bunny . vintage bakery . boxed .(by lxlnoel)
-Dogs: Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – Brown & Bow – Black (by tyr.rozenblum)
-Rug: ANE SLON SET – Rug  (by anemysk.karu)
-Knitting basket: {vespertine} knitting basket. (by Amelie Knelstrom)
-Record player: oyasumi / record player + headphones (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] @ Collabor 88
-Domino box: HIDEKI – Domino (by Hideki Carami)

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