LOTD #551: Reaching the stars

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  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Skye – Asia 05 NB (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @The Arcade
Hair: -LaViere- Nadia/MutedOmbre (by azure.electricteeth)

  • Clothing:

Jumpsuit: The Secret Store – Retro Space Suit – Mars – XXS (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade

  • Accessories:

Gloves: The Secret Store – Leather Gloves – Teal – XXS (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade
Belt: The Secret Store – Retro Space Belt – Teal (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade
Helmet: The Secret Store – Retro Space Helmet – Mars (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade
Boots: The Secret Store – Laureline Boots – Teal – XXS (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade
Space rocket: The Secret Store – Space Rocket 2000 – Mars (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade
Pigs: !Ohmai : Astropork I (by Anya Ohmai)
Alien: The Secret Store – Little Alien – Glubux (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @The Arcade

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