Decor #9: Early Autumn

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Top picture – Left:

Tree Tunel: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main (by Alex Bader)
Lights: {what next} Amalfi String Lights – white (by FrankLee Anatra)
Suitcases: HIDEKI – Suitcases & Radio Decor (by Hideki Carami)
Fox: *ionic* Zorrito Sentado & *ionic* Zorrito Durmiendo (by lakua Arriaga)
Bike: / XIAJ x ZZANG / Postman Bike + rust + RARE 1 (by superjaix)
Papers: *ionic* intento inflexible – papers on floor (by lakua Arriaga)
Book: AF Open Book (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Apple cart: Trompe Loeil – Apple Cart Full Set (by cory.edo)

Top picture – Right:

Bed: *ionic* Daydream Bed RARE (by lakua Arriaga)
Lamp: *ionic* Daydream Lamp (by lakua Arriaga)
Doll on bed: Oh La La ::Doll D:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Doll on the floor: Oh La La ::Doll C:: (by sleepy.hermit)
Doll on the bed stairs: Oh La La ::Bunny Girl:: (by sleepy.hermit)

Bottom picture:

Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – orange a
Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2B
Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree07 – yellow b
Garden gate: *. emm ; garden entrance autumn (by snowy.melody)
Car and suitcases: {vespertine-travellers car/sky } (by amelie.knelstrom)
Telephone pole: Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop (by suetabulous Yootz)



Top picture:

House: oyasumi / japanese house / RARE (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Well: oyasumi / japanese well / RARE (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Rail: 8f8 – Old Rail (by 8f8)
Boat: *ionic* Eureka! Boat (by lakua Arriaga)

Bottom picture – Left:

Mailbox: oyasumi / mailbox / dark (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Shelf: #NuLL. Low Display Shelf+Zabuton_1 LI (by kikujin)
Bonsai: #NuLL. Koke Bonsai_1 LI (by kikujin)
Chess set: {theosophy} Chess Set (by trace.osterham)
Lantern: oyasumi / paper lantern (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Phone: floorplan. payphone / black [c/m/nt] (by tegan.serin)
Cabinet: #NuLL. Japanese Cabinet_1 LI (by kikujin)
Frame: *L2 Drawing – Bird Bones Study (by lindini2.lane)
Frame: *L2 Drawing – Tango Dog in Heaven (by lindini2.lane)
Kotatsu: #NuLL. *KOTATSU (Topboard: wood, Color: green)_6 LI (by kikujin)
Tea pot and cup: oyasumi / tea pot & cup (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Macha tray: oyasumi / matcha tray (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Kendama: oyasumi / kendama / standing and tipped (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Tv: oyasumi / television (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Side table: oyasumi / triangle side table /w plate (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Tapes: {vespertine- tape/vacation} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Game: .: Standby Inc. – Super Life Console (by StandbyInc)
Newspaper: Mesh Folded Newspaper (by Meli Imako)
Zabuton: oyasumi / zabuton / green and blue (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Tissue box: tissue_1 PURPLE (by yuji777)

Bottom picture – Right:

Lanterns: {what next} Hanging Lanterns on String (blossom) (by Winter Thorn)
Basket: {vespertine-basket full of summer} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Fan: oyasumi / fan (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW] Coming Soon @ The Arcade
Cushion and lamp: {what next} Hampton Dock Pillow (yellow flowers) (by Winter Thorn)
Incense: Decor & Lighting – Antique Japanese Incense Set (by Amiryu Hosoi)


Main picture:

Sign: oyasumi / oyasumi 66 (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW]
Gas pump: oyasumi / gas pump (by Kenzo Gateaux) [NEW]
Air tank: air tank (by Sylia Lorefield)
Fire extinguisher: fire extinguisher (by Sylia Lorefield)
Wheel barrel: oyasumi / wheel barrel (by Kenzo Gateaux)
Wood planks: oyasumi / wood planks (by Kenzo Gateaux)
Tiers: Mad Mesh – Mesh Car Wheel (by Domsson Lean)
Hand cleaner: [19MC] 2nd ORANGE 1.01 (by painto.jie)

Top picture:

Haybales: :CP: Whitby HayBales (by Isla Gealach)
Lantern: :CP: Whitby Lantern (by Isla Gealach)
Seat: junk. salvaged tractor seat. (by Tab Tatham)
Tractor table: junk. salvaged tractor table. (by Tab Tatham)
Chair: oyasumi / folding chair / RARE (by Kenzo Gateaux)
Hanging light: :CP: Whitby Hanging Light (longer) (by Isla Gealach)
Gazelle: +Half-Deer+ Thomson’s Gazelle – The Baby (by Halogen Magic)

Bottom picture:

Wagon: HIDEKI – Train Wagon – RARE (by Hideki Carami)
Pallet table: :CP: Whitby Pallet Bar (by Isla Gealach)
Beverage and basket: :CP: Whitby Decor (by Isla Gealach)
Stool: junk. salvaged spring stool. (by Tab Tatham)
Apple crates: floorplan. 3 apple crates (by tegan.serin)
Soda crate stack: floorplan. soda crate stack (by tegan.serin)
Egg sign: junk. fresh eggs sign. (by Tab Tatham)
Milk sign: junk. fresh milk sign. (by Tab Tatham)
Rake: oyasumi / rakes&stuff (by Kenzo Gateaux)

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