Decor #6: Ice dreams


The Arcade already opened it’s doors and today I wanna show you the amazing set from 8f8 called Ice Dreams.The items are very high detailed and the textures so beautifully done! There are 36 commons, 2 rares and 4 secrets for you to collect and it’s only 50 lindens per play.

As usual I hope you guys enjoy the post ^^

Love, Carol.


Gazebo: 8f8 – 1. Vintage IceDreams Gazebo *** RARE (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Bunting: 8f8 – 26. Summer Bunting (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Lights: 8f8 – 11. Decorative Lights (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Welcome Board: 8f8 – 21. IceDreams Welcome Board (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Dolls: *ionic* Te leo un cuentito (by lakua Arriaga)
Ice cream cart: 8f8 – 34. Vintage IceDreams Cart SECRET *** RARE (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Sweetness cage: 8f8 – 37. Forbidden Sweetness – SECRET (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade


Light pole: 8f8 – 2. Vintage Street Lamp (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Ice cream machine: 8f8 – 32. Vintage Ice Cream Machine (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Bike: Lark – Marmalade
Tables: 8f8 – 4. Vintage Table (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Chair: 8f8 – 29. Vintage Chair (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Parasol: 8f8 – 3. Vintage Parasol (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade


Ice Cream Accessories: 8f8 – 13. Ice Cream Accessories Set (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Strawberry Swirl Display: 8f8 – 25. Strawberry Swirl Display (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Ice Cream Toppings: 8f8 – 14. Ice Cream Delicious Toppings (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Ice cream cone stand: 8f8 – 30. Vintage Cone Stand (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Ice cream stand : 8f8 – 33. Vintage Ice Cream Stand (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade


8f8 – 16. IceDreams Brown Ice Cream Display (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
8f8 – 18. IceDreams Yellow Ice Cream Display (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
8f8 – 19. IceDreams Green Ice Cream Display (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade


Icecream: 8f8 – 35. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! – SECRET (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cookie dessert: 8f8 – 6. Bombastic Cookie Dessert (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Milkshake: 8f8 – 5. Banana Milkshake (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Table menu: 8f8 – 20. IceDreams Table Menu (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cherry Dessert: 8f8 – 12. Elegant Cherry Dessert (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Swirl Dessert: 8f8 – 24. Strawberry Swirl Dessert (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Triple Scoop Dessert: 8f8 – 28. Triple Scoop Dessert (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Candle light: 8f8 – 27. Table Candle Light (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Ice cream: 8f8 – 38. Shared Pleasure – SECRET (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Crunchy Cassata Dessert: 8f8 – 10. Crunchy Cassata Dessert (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Arcade