LOTD #530: Red

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  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Coral – Artic 01 C (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Arm/chest Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo (tattoo layer) (by antonia.marat)

Leg Tattoo: actchio. love has many faces tattoo 1 (by silver.milneaux)

Hair: tram  D428 hair / brown (by moca.loup) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

  • Clothing:

Top: Tee*fy Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt XS Red (by azure.electricteeth) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Pants: Gawk! Be-Bop-A-Lula High Waist Capri Red Size S (by mell.mcmahon)

  • Accessories:

Headband: LaGyo_Mary bow bandana Cherries (by gyorgyna.larnia) @ Collabor 88

Glasses: (Yummy) Ellery Glasses – Black (by Polyester Partridge) @ Collabor 88

Bubblegum: [PF] Yum Bubblegum! (by mochi.milena)

Necklace: Izzie’s – 50′s Pearl Necklace cherry (by Izzie Button)

Sandals: REDGRAVE ! Shoes ADELLA – 12colors (by 3dinspiration)

  • Poses:

Glitterati – 004 (by katey.coppola)

  • Decor:

Poster: floorplan. roller derby poster (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Soda crate: floorplan. soda crate stack (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Skates: The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Classic (by Maylee Oh)


LOTD #529: The perfect housewife

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  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Coral – Artic 01 C (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Hair: tram  D427 hair / beige (by moca.loup) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

  • Clothing:

Dress: The Secret Store – Betty Swing Dress – Pure – XS (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

  • Accessories:

Headband: /artilleri/ Hibi hair flower *chin* (by antonia.marat) *old flf item

Glasses: -tb- Winged Eye Glasses – Black (by Julliette Westerburg) @ Collabor 88

Necklace: Izzie’s – 50’s Pearl Necklace cherry (by Izzie Button)

Cake tray: [ Love Soul ] Chocolate cake*Tray*Pose -B (by bluestarrui.villota)

Shoes: Ingenue :: Lydia Slingbacks :: Cherry (by betty.doyle)

  • Decor:


Print: floorplan. tea time print (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Stove: /artilleri/ Palmer stove (by antonia.marat)

Toaster: /artilleri/ Bixleta toaster *yellow* (by antonia.marat)

Kettle: The Loft – Gerzzo Kettle Red (by colleen.desmoulins) @ Collabor 88

Fridge: flowey’s original Shake My Milkshake / confetti (by flutter.memel) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Magnet: /artilleri/ Elsa stove – Magnet (Who are these kids?) (by antonia.marat)

Milk caddy: floorplan. vintage milk caddy (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Scale: -tb- Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream) (by Julliette Westerburg)

Lamp: The Loft – Gerzzo Pendant Light Pink (by Nardya Rousselot) @ Collabor 88

Table: floorplan. small diner table (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Chairs: floorplan. diner chair / pink (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Dog 1: *MishMish* Poodle in a cushion – Cream (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Dog 2: *MishMish* Poodle – Rose (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ Collabor 88

Place Setting: The Loft – Gerzzo Place Setting Blue (by Nardya Rousselot) @ Collabor 88

Cupcakes: 8f8 – Happy Cupcakes (by 8f8)

Cupcakes 3: 8f8 – Cupcakes (by 8f8)

Single cupcakes: A.V. Sophie Vanilla Cupcake/ Raspberry Cupcake and Blueberry Cupcake (by stephanvisconti)

Cake: -tb- Tea Time – Cake (by Julliette Westerburg)

Milkshake: {what next} Red Velvet Milkshake (by Winter Thorn)