LOTD #517/518: Spring



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      – Left Look:

  • Body:

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Goldie_07 (by milok.hermit) [NEW]

Hair: tram  D314 hair / beige (XS-S) 2 (by moca.loup) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

Nail Polish: Nailed It – Slink – Spring Wedding HUD (by giela.delpaso) [NEW]

  • Clothing:

Dress: ::{u.f.o}::blooming moment dress – beige cardigan (by (charming.meiler) [NEW] Collabor 88

  • Accessories:

Headdress: . a i s l i n g . Pimflette Elegance (by druunah.esharham) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

Necklace: Leonard! Vintage Charme Necklace (by lady.leonard) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

Icecream: {Imeka} Sweet Ice Cream 09 RARE (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

Shoes: Ingenue :: Fiona Wedges (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Creme (by betty.doyle) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

  • Poses:

1st picture: Kirin – Sakura Pose 2 (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

2nd picture: Kirin – Catty Pose 5 (by Carolina Sautereau)


      – Right Look:

  • Body:

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Goldie_07 (by milok.hermit) [NEW]

Hair: Magika [Hair M] Shine (by Sabina Gully) *Edited!! Please read here to know how to do it!! 

Nail Polish: Nailed It – Slink – Spring Wedding HUD (by giela.delpaso) [NEW]

  • Clothing:

Blouse: ::C’est la vie !:: frill blouse(plain peach) (by larcoco.mathy) [NEW] The Seasons Story

Skirt: The Secret Store – Amy Highwaist Skirt – Milk (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] Collabor 88

  • Accessories:

Hat: =Zenith=Rattan ribbon Hat (snow) (by Miffyhoi Rosca)  [NEW] The Seasons Story

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Jewelled Butterfly – Short 1 – GOLD (by Maxi Gossamer)

Bunny: Tee*fy Lop Eared Bunny Plushie With Hat RARE (by azure.electricteeth)

Bag: .Tokame. Bunny Backpack Pink Plaid [NP] (by Kamelia Snowfield) (by Miffyhoi Rosca)

Shoes: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Nude (by Maylee Oh) [NEW]

  • Poses:

1st picture: Kirin – Sakura Pose 1 (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

2nd picture: Kirin – Rumi Pose 2 (by Carolina Sautereau)


  • Decor


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– Sweet Life Bakery: 8f8 – 88 Sweet Life Bakery Collection (by 8f8) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Strawberry Tart & vase : poche – Strawberry tart sweet spring. (by miyu Adder) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Topiary: A.D.D.Andel! Round Topiary- Flowers: Pink (by Andel Rhiadra) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Potwoman: Sari-Sari – Our Little Garden – Potwoman RARE (by stupidmonkey) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Vase: A.D.D.Andel! Potted Bush-Green (by Andel Rhiadra) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Potted Seeds: Sari-Sari – Our Little Garden – Potted Seeds (by stupidmonkey) [NEW] @ The Seasons Story

– Rabbit: HPMD* SleepyRabbit  L — with Cuddle AO — (by sasaya.kayo)

– Lantern: [DDD] Paper Lanterns – Mixed Trio 1 (by Kalia Firelyte)

– Fawn: Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Fawn RARE (by Tyr Rozenblum)

– Grass 1: Harmony Wild Dandelions – SHORT – 20m circle – V2 5 (by Lilith Heart)

– Grass 2: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*a (by sasaya.kayo)

– Trees: HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A (by sasaya.kayo)