Decor #2: Autumn is here!!

Hello Guys!!

Today I wanna share with you a little decor post. I’ve been messing around my place and I really liked how it turned out ūüėÄ

I tried to make a cozy decor and you’ll see here some items that are available at¬†The Seasons Story, Arcade, Collabor 88 and Designers United 5.

I hope you like it and click on the images to have a larger view ūüėÄ

Have a great Sunday!!

‚̧ Carol



Trees & Path: Enchanted Woods V2 from Studio Skye [2.20] (by Alex Bader)

Telephone Pole: Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop (by suetabulous.yootz) [NEW] @ Designers United 5

Garden Entrance Gate:¬†*. emm ; garden entrance autumn gift (by¬†snowy.melody)¬†*It is a old gift and I’m not sure if still available

Sign: {vespertine- autumn wooden sign} (by amelie.knelstrom) @ The Arcade

Grass: *aG* Shiny Meadow autumn (by alir.flow)

Boat: {vespertine- float inside my dream boat} (by amelie.knelstrom) [NEW] @ Designers United 5


Deck:¬†[we’re CLOSED] pond deck V2 (by¬†mandingo.quan)

Lantern:¬†[we’re CLOSED] old lantern S¬†¬†(by¬†mandingo.quan)

Chipmunk: *MishMish* Chipmunk РWizard Fan (by aime.takaaki) @ The Arcade

Bed: {vespertine- acorn bed} RARE (by amelie.knelstrom) @ The Arcade

decor 3b

Washer Machine: washer_1 BLUE (by yuji777) *Gacha 1 linden per play !!

Bike: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (by Winter Thorn)

Garden Bags: El Patio Inc РGarden Bags (by Denise Rowlands)

Laundry Set: **DP**yumyum landry (by toraji Voom)

Pumpkin Set: PILOT РFall Garden [Night] (by Kaz Nayar) @ Collabor 88

Bench and Light Pole: :CP: Lainey Park (by isla.gealach)


House: *bbqq*Рhumble abode- (by omiluo) [NEW] @ The season story

Reclaimed hutch: floorplan. reclaimed hutch / painted (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The season story

Kitchen Scale: floorplan. vintage kitchen scale w/ apples (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The season story

Tub of apples: floorplan. tub of apples (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Apple Crates: floorplan. 3 apple crates (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Apple Crates: floorplan. 2 apple crates (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Sign: floorplan. oakville orchard sign  (by tegan.serin) @ Collabor 88

Plant: {what next} Cornwall Daisies Planter (blue) (by Winter Thorn)

Rocking Chair: {what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic) РKnitted (by Winter Thorn)

Bowl of apples: floorplan. bowl of apples (by tegan.serin) [NEW] @ The season story

Boots: {what next} Wellies (rainboots!) Рdecorative only (by Winter Thorn)

Welcome Mat: Welcome Mat (by Sara Greene)

Autumn Ivy: [Ink] ivy-autumn (by nontroppo.torii)


Bed: *bbqq*-branchbed-brown-Rezzed (by omiluo)

Rug: me was used. (by jordan.giant)

Bear:¬†“Friendship Bear” (by¬†damien.fate)

Light: AF Sweet Dreams (by warehousefifteendesigns)

Suitcase: -tb- Bon Voyage РSuitcase Clutter RARE (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade

Wall art:¬†Sway’s WallArt [quote] friends RARE (by¬†Sway Dench)¬†[NEW] @ The Arcade

Folded Clothes: -tb- Bon Voyage РFolded Clothes (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade

Chair, lamp, globe, stairs & etc: *ionic* nostalgia (by lakua Arriaga) @ The Chapater Four

Room Divider: Рroom divider (by jordan.giant)



Sofa: [*Art Dummy!] summertide. (sofa, modern-gold) (by Gala Charron)

Wall frame 1: Zigana –¬†this and that wall (by¬†Nalena Fairey)

Wall Frame 2: {what next} Charlotte Large Prints (Set A) (by Winter Thorn)

Book 1: Zigana . this and that wall . boxed (by Nalena Fairey)

Book 2: Lark РImaginarium Librarium Butterfly (by Sienia Trevellion) @ The Arcade

Book 3: Lark РImaginarium Librarium Treasures (by Sienia Trevellion) @ The Arcade

Book 4: Lark РImaginarium Librarium Roots (by Sienia Trevellion) @ The Arcade

Tape box: *Second Spaces* craft room Рwashi tape (by Elle Kirshner) @ The Arcade

Rug: LISP РFeather Rug Beige (by Pandora Popstar)

Coat Rack: {what next}Laurel Coat Rack (by Winter Thorn)

Book shelf: Alouette РLiteral BOOKshelf (#4) (by Scarlet Chandrayaan) @ The Arcade

Attic Table: {vespertine- attic table/medium/mix} (by amelie.knelstrom) @ The Arcade

Attic Table: {vespertine- attic table/small/mix} (by amelie.knelstrom) @ The Arcade

Lamp: {vespertine- anthropologie lamp 03- yellow} (by amelie.knelstrom)

Book: AF Open Book (by warehousefifteendesigns)

Flower pot 1: [ keke ] teatin Рcloud nine (by Kean Kelly)

Flower Pot 2: [ keke ] summer bottle  Рbliss (by Kean Kelly)


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