Decor #1: There’s No Place Like Home


Hello!!! ^^

So this is my first home decoration attempt hehe I felt inspired by some items I got at the The Nest Easter Egg Hunt and I decided to play around decorating my home 🙂
The Egg hunt goes till March 30th so don’t miss it !! They have a lot of pretty stuff waiting for you to grab and they are available for free 😀
I tried to do something cute and cozy, I’m using some old stuff I found in my inventory, some items from the arcade and great cheap items I found at the marketplace.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while doing it 😀

❤ Carol

*P.s.: In order to get a better view please click on the images to enlarge them!!


House: Trompe Loeil – Frostbite Cottage Rose (by cory.edo)
Grass: Harmony Wild Dandelions – SHORT – 20m circle – V2 1 (by Lilith Heart)
Grass: [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush (by Wendy Xeno)
Cherry blossom Trees: FG cherry 4 white (by Ender Meiler)
Tree 1: Picnic fantasy tree – dark green (by nyasyousa Oh)
Tree 2: FG tree 4 tinygreen 1 (by Ender Meiler) *Only 5 lindens here
Tree 3: Botanical – Emerald Forest 1 trans (by Kriss Lehmann)
Lights: FULL PERM Lightings_Bulbs (by Megie Rexen)  *Only 50 lindens here
Mail box: HPMD* Groupgift – old post (by sasaya.kayo) *Group gift here
Walls: -[ Zacca ]- BrickWall & GateDoor (by CROSS Jupiter)
Rock Path: Kabangeh’s Rock Path Pack (by Kabangeh Fitzroy)

D2 copyblog

  • On the floor, side table and shelf

Table: :CP: Mr. Whiskers Table (by Isla Gealach) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Chair: floorplan. bunny chair / purple (by tegan.serin) Free @ Mainstore
End Table: .lame – Spring end table (by Tea Soup) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Shelf: *~MMG’s~* StepShelf-Colorfulwood-[S]_2prim (by masomaso.quan)
Suitcase: {vespertine- machinarium suitcase/marron} (by amelie.knelstrom) @ The Arcade
Vase: {what next} Cornwall Daisies Planter (pink) (by Winter Thorn)
Duck: HPMD* stuffed duck/whiteA (by sasaya.kayo) *gatcha 50 lindens per play here 
Tin with Flowers: -tb- Tea Time – Tin with Flowers (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Present box: {what next} Eggie – A Good Egg  (boxed) (by Winter Thorn)
Rabbit Teapot: :CP: Mr. Whiskers Teapot (by Isla Gealach) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Teacup Candle: [CIRCA] – “Easter Sunday” Teacup – Candle Multi1 (by Cherelle Capra) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Bear: Sway’s Cookie Bear [Candy] Sky (by Sway Dench) @ The Arcade
Cupcake: +Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (Honey) (by Halogen Magic) @ The Arcade
Eggs: {what next} Eggie – Fleur, Little Miss Monday, A Good Egg, Peenk, Speggtacles & Mister Egg  (by Winter Thorn) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Flower pot: poche Ivy (by miyu Adder)
Mini pot: [CIRCA] – “Nature Hill” Marigold Mini Pot – Easter! (by Cherelle Capra) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Teacup Grass: [CIRCA] – “Easter Sunday” Teacup – Grass (by Cherelle Capra) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Teacup Fern: [CIRCA] – “Easter Sunday” Teacup – Fern (by Cherelle Capra) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Frame: +sanctuaire+ Easter Bird Postcard Art (by scout.eberhardt) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

  • On the Table

Cake Stand: :CP: Mr. Whiskers Cake Stand (by Isla Gealach) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Teacups in Blush, Plum & Sea: :CP: Mr. Whiskers Teacup (by Isla Gealach) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Bird: HPMD* Little Birds — blue — type A (by sasaya.kayo)
Rabbits: .lame – Peter Rabbit Figurine[white] & [brown] (by Tea Soup) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Plate with cakes: LISP – Plate of fancy cakes (by Pandora Popstar)
Plate with Donuts: LISP – Plate of Donuts (by Pandora Popstar)
Cupcakes: -tb- Tea Time – Cupcakes (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Cake: -tb- Tea Time – Cake (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Stacked Cups: -tb- Tea Time – Stacked Cups (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Tea Cup: -tb- Tea Time – Tea Cup (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Tray of Macarons: -tb- Tea Time – Tray of Macarons (by Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Macarons: -tb- Pastry Mania – Macarons (by Julliette Westerburg) * past arcade n/a
Beverage Dispenser: Tee*fy Beverage Dispenser Fruit Punch (by azure.electricteeth) @ The Arcade

D3 copyblog

Trailer:  floorplan. teardrop trailer gacha / audrey (by tegan.serin) @ The Arcade
Pig: D-LAB-PIG01 (by dazai Voom)
Owl: D-LAB- owl -ver2 (by dazai Voom)
Guitar: ::{u.f.o}::accoustic collabo -letter – bag (by charming.meiler)
Mushroom: Mushroom group ( Fly Agaric) (by Julia Hathor)
Fence: Botanical – Split Rail Fence Collapsed B (by Kriss Lehmann)
Lights hanging on the Trees: LISP – Lanterns – Style 1 (by Pandora Popstar)
Laundry: **DP**yumyum landry (by toraji Voom)
Rocking chair: *kopi* rocking chair(natural wood) (by surfash.bade)
Cat: d-lab-taruneko (by dazai Voom)
Shelf & Vases: [what next] *forever garden* complete set (by Winter Thorn) *only 10 lindens here
Gardener’s Stepstool: Zinnias Gardener’s Stepstool (by Zinnia Karu) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Bike: {what next} Summertime Bicycle Pose Prop (by Winter Thorn)
Vases: Zinnias Yucca Plant in Mayan Pot / Potted Spring Plants (by Zinnia Karu) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Box with pinecones: Turnip’s Pinecone (medium) (by Turnip Sorbet)
Pinecones hanging: pinecones: Turnip’s Pinecone (medium) (by Turnip Sorbet) *only 50 lindens here
Lanterns: [we’re CLOSED] old lantern L (by mandingo.quan)
Bowls: Zinnias Tippy Bowls with eggs (by Zinnia Karu) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Boots: {what next} Wellies (rainboots!) – decorative only (by Winter Thorn)


Wall Frames: :CP: Timewise Pictures (by Isla Gealach)
Console Table: {what next} Laurel Cottage Console Table (by Winter Thorn)
Lamp: (iTuTu) Simple Shade Lamp-B (by Kao Sands)
Books: [what next] Pile O’ Books (by Winter Thorn)
Phone: ~Dirty Deeds~ Retro Phone – Black (by Cimone Blackburn) *only 25 lindens here
Coat Rack: {what next}Laurel Coat Rack (by Winter Thorn)
Basket: [MAGIC NOOK] Sleeping Basket (by Ayumi Cassini)
Vase: Nordari – lonesome.bird (by Jordan Giant) *Free here


Chair: Alouette – The Bibliotheque Chair – Brown Leather (by Scarlet Chandrayaan) @ The Arcade
Rug: Zigana – rug color (by Nalena Fairey) Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Books: Zigana . this and that wall . boxed (by Nalena Fairey)
Typewriter, Notebook and Coffee Mug: ::TA Typewriter Set (by Nico Griffith)
Wall plates: LISP – Fairy Bugs Wall Plates (by Pandora Popstar)
Pinecone Garland: Turnip’s Pinecone Garland(horizontal) (by Turnip Sorbet) *Free Luckyboard Prize here
Dog: Beagle laying (by Jon Haskell)



Refrigerator: (iTuTu) simple refrigerator/2door – white (by Kao Sands)
Mat, bread basket, Cheese baking of mackerel & Sausage Soup bow: :poche Spring supper (by miyu Adder)
Tea jar, Teacups and dishes : BP* (by bettiepage.voyager) *n/a
Table: LISP – Montmartre Shabby Table – white (by Pandora Popstar)
Egg Basket: *KOPI* wire basket_egg (by surfash.bade)


Kitchen Counter: nordaris simple kitchen. (by Jordan Giant)
Curtain: *~MMG’s~* [parts] Kitchen-Curtain (by masomaso.quan)
Mitten: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen tool-mitten (by masomaso.quan)
Kettle: *~MMG’s~* Kettle [marron] (by masomaso.quan)
Frying Pan: BP* frying pan/eggs (by bettiepage.voyager) *n/a
Teapot: :: relaxin’ ::  teapot_red ver.1.3 (by uota.noel)
Green pan: b.v Enamel Pot 1 (green) (by ichi.swansong)
Cutting board & Glass bow:  BP* (by bettiepage.voyager) *n/a
Fruit plate: Fruit Plate (by Qarl Linden)
Kitchen tools hanging: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen tools for hanging (by masomaso.quan)
Kitchen Towel: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen towel rack (by masomaso.quan)


Dish Rack: (iTuTu) Dish rack /with dish plates (by Kao Sands)
Sandwich & Donut Basket: :poche (by miyu Adder)
Rice Cooker & Basket: BP* (by bettiepage.voyager) *n/a
Stack of Plates: LISP – Stack of Plate (by Pandora Popstar)
Canister: *~MMG’s~* Canister-blue [tea], [coffee] & [sugar] (by masomaso.quan)
Wall Frame: [EoD] End of Daze – Kitchen Art Set 1 (by icewood.bayn)  Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt



Air-con: aircon_1 GRAY (by yuji777) * Gacha only 1 linden per play here
Wall frame: pinbee. – music. (by Jordan Giant)
Trunk: {what next) Mayfair Trunk (Old Glory) (by Winter Thorn) *group gift fee to join!
Frame: miss rabbit (by ling.serenity)
Notebook: CO PhotoBook – Platinum PinK (by chantel.aljon) *10 lindens here
Bunny book storage: EoD Bunny book storage (by icewood.bayn)  Free @ The Nest Easter Egg Hunt
Newspaper & Coffee: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup (by Rayvn Hynes)
Tissue box: tissue_1 PURPLE  (by yuji777) * Gacha only 1 linden per play here
Pillow: {what next} Eco-Chic Floor Pillow (fawn pattern) (by Winter Thorn) *25 lindens here
Rug: wet soil. (by Jordan Giant) * Free here
Mirror: LISP – Rustic Floor Mirror with Basket  (by Pandora Popstar)
Roller Skates: The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Classic – (by Maylee Oh) @ The Arcade


Room Divider: – room divider (by jordan.giant)
Bed: *bbqq*-branchbed-brown-Rezzed (by omiluo)
Lamp: lamp.flowergarden (by jordan.giant)
Cup with plant: BP* Cup plant/pink (by bettiepage.voyager)
Box: paper.cups (by jordan.giant)
Wall Light: Star light .red (by Nalena Fairey)
Rug: BP*Rug with slipper and socks/gray (by bettiepage.voyager) *n/a
Pile of vinyl: {what next} Pile of Vinyl  (mesh) (by Winter Thorn)
Retro Record: {what next} Fleeftone Retro Record Player  (blue) (by Winter Thorn)
Speaker: Sway’s Speaker 1 (by Sway Dench)
Stack of Records: Sway’s stack of Records (by Sway Dench)
Snack: snack_food_1 Calbee PIZZA POTATO (by yuji777) * Gacha only 1 linden per play here

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