LOTD #244: Warm day …


Skin: 6~Mynerva~Milena Porcelain Breast 2 Eyelash (by Rhapzody Wilde) [NEW]

Eyebrows: ~Mynerva~Milena Brows Brown 1 (by Rhapzody Wilde) [NEW]

Lipstick: ~Mynerva~Milena Pure~Lip P Copy/Tint  (by Rhapzody Wilde) [NEW]

Hair: !lamb. Oleander – Twix (by Lamb Bellic)

Scarf:  (TokiD) a scarf (lady) (by maya.levane)

Sweater: (TokiD) cable knit (tan) (by maya.levane) [NEW] for Proj. Themeory

Tee under part of: Izzie’s – Leisure Outfit grey/white (by Izzie Button)

Vest part of: =Zenith=Chocolate Vest & Sweater(Female size) (by Miffyhoi Rosca)

Pants: AMERIE – Mesh skinny Pants_F(Denim dark) (by amerie.spitteler)

Belt: [BUKKA]Leather bag(gift) PELVIS (by yano Hyun) *It was a subscribe gift I don’t know if still available

Shoes: *REDGRAVE* Survivor-Boots Cotton -Camel- (by Emilia Redgrave)

Poses: (marukin) (by Valencia Southard)

Listening to: LACUNA COIL – Trip The Darkness

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