LOTD #243: Milena


As most of you know Rhapzody Wilde from Mynerva is back and she released a new beautiful skin line called Milena.

The Milena skin comes with eight different skin tones (Porcelain / Cream / Bisque / Champagne / Apricot / Sepia / Latte), each with options for breast size, brows, freckles and lashes.

The makeup is available in 5 different packs that come with eyeshadows, lips, lashes, eyeliners and combos (lips + eyeshadows). The lips are all copy and modifiable so you can customize it 🙂

In the pictures below I’m gonna show you the makeup options for each pack.

The pack 1 comes with 17 different lipsticks, with basic eyeliner and eyeliner + lips.

The pack 2 comes with 13 lipsticks, 8 eyeshadow options and also with eyeshadow + lips.

The pack 3 comes with 10 glossy lipsticks, eyeshadow and eyeshadow + lips.

The pack 4 comes with 16 lipsticks, eyeshadow and also with eyeshadow + lips.

Pack 5 comes with 14 lipstick options, eyeliner + lips and eyeliner + shadow + lips.

Visit Mynerva Mainstore and try a demo 😀

I’m wearing:

Hair 1st picture: :::{{trico}}::: ANEMONE(dark brown2) (by miyu.paule)

Hair Accessory: LaGyo_Flower mix headbend (by gyorgyna.larnia)

Dress: Kyoot – Pretty White Dress (by saeya.nyanda)

Sleeve part of: *GF* Silky Blouse “Charlotte” -white- (by Cerberus Noel)

Pose:  (marukin) (by Valencia Southard)