A quick note

Hello guys!

A lot of things happened in my life those days. The great news is I’m pregnant 🙂 and well as the most of you know the pregnant life is not so easy lol I just feel like sleeping and tired all the time it’s been hard for me try to log on second life and do the things I need to there.

So from now on I’m not accepting review copies, specially because I already have lots of things to do and I have no idea when I’ll feel good to spend some hours doing that.
I would like to apologize again with the designers and with the ppl who always come here to check out my work.

See you!!

❤ Carol

21 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. Aura Marenwolf says:

    Congratulations!! What great news! Hope to see you back soon, but until then take care of yourself and enjoy these wonderful times. I remember sleeping non stop the first few months. The best part is no one can complain about how much you sleep! 🙂


  2. Arialle Dufaux says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful news 🙂 This is such a special time in your life. I hope all goes well and look forward to seeing more of your posts when the tiredness passes. Take care xxx.


  3. Emy Aker says:

    Oh nuuu! You don’t have to apology for living your first life 😀
    CONGRATS! I just jumped on my chair when I saw the word “pregnant”
    I’m so so so glad for you!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I miss you just SO MUCH I’m glad to know that it’s for this awesome reason that I don’t see you anymore on SL!
    Take care of yourself and of the lil Carol baby =3
    Love you so much! Can’t wait to see you again <3<3


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