LOTD #138: It’s a beautiful day!!


Skin: Mynerva~ Caramel~MellowYello~Brown Brows (by Rhapzody Wilde)

Hair: * 0 Style *Komugi*(Chocolate Copper)_M (by Rei Gully)

Eyelashes: [ glow ] Clean thick 04  (nose) (by Anemysk Karu)

Beret: Tee*fy Dango’s Beret Black (by Azure Electricteeth) [NEW]

Scarf: duboo.for your warm winter [mint dot_spine] (by Newreem Waffle) [NEW]

Necklace: tram leather frilled necklace(b*b) (by moca Loup)

Jacket: [enc]008 Odekake Jacket Beige (by Nuts Andel)

Dress: S@BBiA::Gift:2nd anniversary (by sable99 Magic)  *It’s a group gift

Tights: p.c; Dark Tights – Yellow Dots (by Ava Lu) *It’s a store gift

Bag: ][AV][bag fur brown lefthand (by Miraiwave Iwish)

Shoes: tram Crepe Flats (khaki) (by moca Loup)

Poses: xbordeaux (by Xanadu Capelo), [LAP] (by Dove Swanson)

Location: Slow

Listening to: Ayaka – Mikazuki


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