LOTD #7: AtomicBambi Skins


Today I’m here to show you the new skin line APPLE from AtomicBambi Store. The Skins comes with five makeup options, with freckled and not freckled version, glossy lips version and 3 shades of eyebrows. AtomicSparkle made for the APPLE skin a special edition makeup called Le Cirque! too.

All skins are pretty !! I love them and If you haven’t tried it yet, go there and check it out!! ^^

1. AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Juicy-Lt-Gloss/2. AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Pure-Lt-Gloss/3.AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Siren-Pale-Lt-Gloss/4.AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Ocean-Lt-Gloss/5. AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-LeCIRQUE-Special Edition/6. AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Allure-Dk-Gloss

❤ Carol