LOTD #538/539: Chibi wings and Unicorns

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Credits Look 1:

  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Livy skin- Artic – 04 B (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Hair: little bones. Timebomb (by nova.faerye) [NEW] Coming Soon @ Kustom 9

  • Clothing:

Dress: .Atomic. {Hello Sunshine} Spring (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ Hello Sunshine Fair

  • Accessories:

Wings: >> Fruct0se >> Chibi Wings (by Sana Dagger)
Unicorn: Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Unicorn – Pink (by tyr.rozenblum) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Hair accessory: :::WEG::: Le jardin de la fille hair wreath (by lucia.genesis)
Shoes: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Powder Blue (by Maylee Oh)

  • Poses:

1st picture: Kirin Poses – Cute Summer Pose Pack (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] Soon @ Kustom 9
2nd picture: >> Fruct0se >> Jambon (by Sana Dagger) *modded a little using anypose

Credits Look 2:

  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Livy skin- Artic – 04 B (by aida.ewing) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Hair: Magika [Hair] Reading (by Sabina Gully)

  • Clothing:

Dress: .Atomic. {Sunday Dress} All Colors (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ The Chapter Four

  • Accessories:

Hair accessory: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master – Headpiece RARE (by Ivy Graves)
Bag: .Atomic. {Sunday Purse} – Pink (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ The Chapter Four
Mossyback: Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Mossyback – Pink (by tyr.rozenblum) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Shoes: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Pink Polka (by Maylee Oh)

  • Poses:

Kirin Poses – Cute Summer Pose Pack (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] Soon @ Kustom 9

  • Decor:

Tree and grass: HPMD* (by sasaya.kayo)
Fences: {vespertine- old wooden fence} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Unicorns: Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Pegasus – Prism (by tyr.rozenblum) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Balloon: ::C’est la vie!:: happy balloon -TCF bday gift- (by larcoco.mathy)
Lights: {what next} Amalfi String Lights – white (by FrankLee Anatra)

LOTD #537: Sea Adventures

blog1 blog2Credits:

  • Body:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Aria – Artic 01 C (by aida.ewing)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Reading (by Sabina Gully)
Nail applier: Nailed It –  Fashion Duo Set  (by giela.delpaso)

  • Clothing:

Bikini: ::{u.f.o}::puripuri bikini – red (by charming.meiler)

  • Accessories:

Octopus: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Paul the Octopus (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Snorkel Mask: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Snorkel Mask – Mint (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Shell and seahorse: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Queen Salacia – RARE  (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Sea horse: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Molly the Seahorse (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Rubber Flippers: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Rubber Flippers  - Pink (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade

  • Poses:

Kirin – Cute Summer Pose 3 (by Carolina Sautereau) [NEW] Soon @ Kustom 9

  • Decor


Sand castle: <:*BoOgErS*:> Sand Castle Complete (by Zen Zarco)
Turtle: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Tiffany the Turtle (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Starfish: The Secret Store - Sea Adventures – Patrick the Starfish (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Crab: The Secret Store - Sea Adventures – Bernie the Hermit Crab (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Seagull: The Secret Store - Sea Adventures – Choco The Seagull (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Whale: *MishMish* Narwhal – rez – Blue (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ Collabor 88
Fishing net: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Fishing Net (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Lifeguard chair & Red life ring: Olive Juice & Kari – Lifeguard chair – White (by Menno Ophelia)
Dunneh: *MishMish* Big Dunneh (by aime.takaaki)
Sign 1: *MishMish* Beware of Waves Sign (by aime.takaaki)
Sign 2 and 3: Beach Sign 7 a 3 (by Alex Bader)
Octopus: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures – Paul the Octopus (by Maylee Oh) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Road sign: (epia) – ‘All Directions’ Roadsign (by Verone Potez) @ The Arcade
Boat: (epia) – Cuddle Rowboat RARE (by Verone Potez) @ The Arcade

Decor #5: Home sweet home!

Hello guys!!

Today I have a new home decor post for you! I want to show you the new items from Atelier Visconti and some new releases that are available at The Arcade from ANE, Imeka and Mishmish ^^

I hope you guys enjoy!

Love, Carol



House: Scarlet Creative Wish you were here Prefab (by Charlotte Bartlett) @ Collabor 88
Garden gate: {vespertine - garden gate door left – moss } (by amelie.knelstrom)
Path: {vespertine - tile skipping path/rainbow} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Signpost: Sari-Sari - Our Little Garden – Signpost (by stupidmonkey)
Mail post: HPMD* Groupgift – old post (by sasaya.kayo)
Large Clay Pots: [PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Large Clay Pots (by Tya Fallingbridge)
Bucket of Tools: Sari-Sari - Our Little Garden – Bucket of Tools (by stupidmonkey)
Potted Bush: A.D.D.Andel! Potted Bush-Green (by Andel Rhiadra)
Potted Seeds: Sari-Sari - Our Little Garden – Potted Seeds (by stupidmonkey)
Potman and Potwoman: Sari-Sari - Our Little Garden Potman/Potwoman RARE (by stupidmonkey)
Welcome Mat: Welcome Mat (by Sara Greene)
Watering Can: [PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Watering Can (by Tya Fallingbridge)
Hose: Sari-Sari - Our Little Garden – Hose (blue) (by stupidmonkey)
Lamp: {vespertine- storm lantern} (by amelie.knelstrom)
Kitty: *MishMish* Traveler Kitty – RARE (by aime.takaaki) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Bike: Lark – Marmalade (by Sienia Trevellion)
Topiary: A.D.D.Andel! Round Topiary- Flowers: Pink (by Andel Rhiadra)
Clothesline: -tb- Spring Living – Clothesline (by Julliette Westerburg)

jardim 2

Table: {Imeka} Vintage Garden Table Yellow (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Chair: floorplan. bunny chair / white (by tegan.serin)
Flag: {Imeka} Summer Garland (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Lamb: Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Lambicorn – White (by (tyr.rozenblum)  [NEW] @ The Arcade
Candy dispenser: {Imeka} Candy Balls  Lemon chiffon (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Vase 1: The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Big Vase of Daffodils – RARE (by Maylee Oh)
Vase 2: {Imeka} Rose Vase 01 (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cake pop maker: Tee*fy Cake Pop Maker (by azure.electricteeth)
Berry Sorbet plate: {Imeka} Berry Sorbet (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Popsicle: Tee*fy Popsicle In Ice Pail (by azure.electricteeth)
Ice-cream plate: {Imeka} Delicious Ice Cream (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Oyster cookie plate: {Imeka} Oyster Cookies RARE (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cupcakes: A.V. Sophie Raspberry/ Vanilla and Blueberry (by stephanvisconti)
Books: {Imeka} Sweet Books (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Juice: {Imeka} Lovely Juice RARE (by NatiWilliams) [NEW] @ The Arcade
Cotton Candy: Tee*fy Cotton Candy Set (by azure.electricteeth)
Beverage Dispenser: Tee*fy Beverage Dispenser Fruit Punch (by azure.electricteeth)
Cupcake stand: Sway’s Cakestand with Cupcakes (by Sway Dench)
Cupcakes on the floor: 8f8 - Happy Cupcakes (by 8f8)


blog3 Curtains: The Loft – Drape (by Nardya Rousselot)
Elephant: ANE SLON SET – Elephant  (color change) RARE (by anemysk.karu)[NEW] @ The Arcade
Sofa, Table, Boat decor and Vase: Atelier Visconti Set Adria (by stephanvisconti) [NEW]
Bucket: junk. tealight bucket. blue. (by Tab Tatham) [NEW] @ Kustom 9
Newspaper 1: PILOT – Murrow Table DEUX [Newspaper/Mail] (by Kaz Nayar)
Tea set::CP: Rainey Bistro Tea Set (by Wavie Haller)
Newspaper 2: :CP: Rainey Bistro Newspaper (by Wavie Haller)
Lights: :CP: Hastings Light (by Isla Gealach) Continue reading